Samsung will unveil new TVs with "cutting-edge technologies" on March 2

Peter, 18 February 2021

Samsung already unveiled the first models in its 2021 TV lineup with Neo QLED and microLED options. Now the company is inviting everyone to join it at the Unbox & Discover 2021 event to be held (virtually) on March 2.

Then “Samsung will share its vision for how the company’s latest innovative products are set to redefine the role of the TV through cutting-edge technologies, beautiful design and impactful partnerships.”

Despite the recent push towards microLED, a report from a couple of days ago says that Samsung will introduce QD-OLED TVs as early as next year – these panels combine the pure colors of quantum dots with the advantages of self-emissive OLED panels. Could this redefine the role of TV? We’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

The company has also been on a mission to improve the accessibility of its TVs with features such as sign language zoom, better display of closed captions and more. Also, the happy cardboard box on the invite is no accident, the Samsung Upcycling program has designed TV boxes that can be repurposed into furniture.



Reader comments

Spoken like a person that is a fan of a company that doesn't offer a folding phone. Don't worry, rumors are Apple will invent the folding phone next year.

  • AlexanderR

'Cutting edge technologies' - Cutting edge marketing jargon.

Hope it will be more usefull than foldable and bendable screens with zero durabulity and curved screns which are slippery as ice and breaks even on falls from height of a Chihuaua.

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