Samsung X400

Samsung X400

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  • Baronul

I realy like this phone it`s funny and it`s not expensive. The phone it`s only for talk if U want to make pictures buy a photo camera or a cyber shot.

  • opeyemi adedoyin

please i want to0 buy this product from you

  • edenimpex

we would like to imported from your recondition samsung handphones,so please send me details.
thanking you
yours regards

  • Gabriel

No MMS again? then in that case, what's the good of this phone? Maybe I'll consider S-500 or E100.

  • olu

i want to buy it

  • Express Sales

Need to buy 20pcs x400 plase quote this quantity.Call or send me e-mail
(305)392-7473 as for mario or virgil

  • Anonymous

only receivable MMS? oh ... oh ... oh... what de hell this phone used for? what is the color screen for?. Lets call it a TOY OF BABY

  • d-a-i

vote vote !!!! which one is better ! philips 630 or samsung x400 !!!

  • stoville.d-a-i

fm radio !! wow samsung is going to kick nokia arse in radio fone business !!!
and is not expensive only 600au$ !!!

  • jfk

how is this phone oh.

  • dave

please can anyone tell me where i can buy this phone.i live in london

  • Hunter

Hei Sansanslo.Why the f..k should i forget this phone?Becouse u say to?U had this phone to test it and to say it`s bad?I don`t think so.....So shut the f..k up and learn something about phones and then come and say to forget it.You are so stupid.

  • Leo Laporte

Oh okay I get it... The colored 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys are to indicate that this phone means GAMING BUSINESS. Whoo woo hoo hoo.

(It's still very ugly, anyone else out there dissapointed with Samsung's recent design direction also?..)

  • sansanslo

No Camera / Video, No Voice Dial / Command, It's No Good ! Forget it !!
Expensive but Useless !