Samsung Z107

Samsung Z107

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  • Svensson

Is it anyone who have a battery to mobile SGH-Z107?

  • morsecode

do you have extra battery of that samsung sgh-z107 and extra charger and cord?
because i need it all .i am rush now

  • dogdoo

still have one of these too...only stopped using it recently as i´d suddenly discover that it was asking me for the SIM code and had gone offline all on its own....but, hey, it is old now

  • IT

This thing can't even go online anymore, is there a way to update its firmware?

  • Sarmad

it is a nice set but in there is no bluetooth , no enough memory.In the end i like to say that it is very bad set

  • Zoe

My z107 was my first mobile and my first love. I realy enjoyed taking pictures with the scroll camera, and playing about with the settings and making it flash in all sort of colours when it rings. Has an amazing flash on the camera and I was more than happy with my mobile it lasted forever, even though I dropped it down the stairs ... oooops :s

  • Raheem

..i've got several issues with my z107, cant even download opera mini..some pages cant even be displayed..infrared doesnt work..Pliz answer me

  • nestor

my problem about my samsung z107. i dont have games & musics. i always try to download but can`t do it. i like samsung much. i both it from singapore last 2oo5 until now no damage only a problem cannot download the game & musics and also the MP4. so, i need your advise about my problem. thanks alot and continue making good quality production.

  • Anonymous

i have samsung orange z107 i like it but there is problem in infrared... when i do activate infrared... it automaticaly off after some seconds... plz guide me how can i solve this problem

  • diana

my samsung has also problems with the sim doesn't like all of them. it depends on the pattern on the back of the sim card. it doesn't take new sim card...luckily i have an old one. but overall is a pretty good phone..took a lot of falling but still works like new

  • David

it is a very good phone

  • sajal

sajal from bangladesh.i already active WAP on z107 but it only access only t-mobile site.couln't find the option to enter URL. pls. someone tell me how will i access another site or enter URL.

  • x2

this phone it's very nice.....but uncomplete!!! u really should make another version with the same phoone but more performance......

  • afolabi

the phone is not bad, being unable to zoom, switch of the sound of the camera is so annoying. beautiful phone but no bluethoot. since i got it i;ve not been able to download any game. they should work on the memory, there should also be card space ..

  • tia

its an OK phone i like the camera but i hate the fact that it has no bluetooth :(

  • kevin

It is pretty rubbish that it is a 3G phone but has no bluetooth. The memory isn't that great either there's not enough memory it should be memory card compatible. The battery doesn't last that long either. Video length could be expanded aswell 30 seconds is not long enough and takes up alot of memory for just a 30 second recording. It is a pane that you cant turn the camera clicking noise off. not a bad phone but could be improved. every camera has a zoom at least.

  • kevin

I think the phone is ok but its pretty rubbish that there is no zoom on the camera for photos and videos and it doesn't have recordable ringtones or an Mp3 player so why download part of a song.

  • Anonymous

My sister has this phone and has the following problem : If the phone is switched off you can not switch it back on untill about 6 hrs later. When switched on it stays on. The problem is only when it is switched off. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before ?

  • cirin

This is one of the greatest phone i had. I am having free internet via laptop 24/7. Only problem is internet speed. It is only 230kbps. But it is free through o2 wireless web.

  • Graham

Two problems: 1. weak aerial. Affects texts and WAP 2. battery charge - I have two batteries (a large and a small) it is ok 2 leave 1 on charge but having changed them over most days they are both now loose (had the phone 10 months) These two problems spoil a great phone, so beware!