Samsung Z110

Samsung Z110

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  • Noquib
  • XRQ
  • 06 Aug 2022

It is a good button phone. I need its battery. If any one can help me to buy its battery samsung z107 v or samsung z110 battery, i will be great full to you.

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    • Anonymous
    • T6r
    • 13 Nov 2007

    i got the samsung z110 its good but the battery is not that good

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      • LucTM
      • nDR
      • 13 Jul 2006

      Rubish!This its the most unuseful phone i had.Low battery life time,bad picture quality,no bluetooth,no mp3 ringtones,y will never buy a samsung phone ever.

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        • Anonymous
        • mZx
        • 07 Feb 2006

        Z110 display has 240x320 resolution.

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          • Cristi_D
          • mTv
          • 10 Nov 2005

          I have a samsung z110v. I am rather pleased with it. It's kinda big, but you get used to it.My only problems with it are : I wasn't able to find games for it and you can't use mp3's as ringtones. The camera is NOT bad quality, of that I can assure you.

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            • TzD
            • mt0
            • 20 Jul 2005

            I saw it but wasn't impressed. Poor & dificult acces to menu.

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              • Catalin
              • mt0
              • 16 Jul 2005

              I love this phone but i don't know how much is it... can someone let me in and tell me the launching date of it ? i heard some have already tried it so it should be avaliable... let me know how much is it and where can i buy it from :D. Thanks

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                • Fred
                • iLV
                • 25 Jun 2005

                i've had this fone 4 2 weeks. The camera is so bad quality and i've just bought the nokia 3220. It totally rocks! The camera and flashing lights are amazing!

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                  • ibrahim
                  • Qdr
                  • 07 Jun 2005

                  i would love to know whether is has loud speakers that u can put it on and use it okay is it available in africa or in ghana

                    • C
                    • Chris
                    • jMA
                    • 29 Mar 2005

                    This phone is not yet out but says available

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                      • Giuseppe
                      • mbE
                      • 12 Mar 2005

                      This is a Quality Phone and i wud buy it in my opinion.

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                        • mik
                        • QwG
                        • 03 Mar 2005

                        nobody owns this phone?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mwH
                          • 28 Feb 2005

                          the specifications look really good (except no BT), status says 'Available' but i haven't seen it in any shop.... does anybody have an idea how much it costs (in euro's) thanks