Samsung Z140

Samsung Z140

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  • Fabian

It look good whats the cost for it.

  • chibi-nekoba

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether this phone can switch between GSM and CDMA/WCDMA networks (like Verizon, in the USA). I'm interested in getting this phone predominantly for GSM, but it would be great if I could use it in areas where WCDMA is a stronger presence (New York city). Thanks.

  • Ourdia

it's ok but i like the samsung E730 way better and i think it is also a better phone cause yeah i just do. it looks better too no offence but yeah. whats so good bout this phone anyway. plz reply. Ourdia.

  • ng_lee

do anyone know how much room in Samsung z140?256Mb?thanks.

  • Crazyfoxx

Very cool! When is it on the stores?

  • Carry

This mobil phone is very attractive and nice!!!
i love it!
should i buy it?

  • iva

Gee,-(Điii), Its really good, beautiful, great. Its atractive :)) Love at first sight

  • daniel essiaw

I think its a cute phone with a very good features

  • Mike

Cheap phone for poor people?

Its a 3G video phone the same size as an E700!!!!!!

What more do you want?

want a megapixel camera? Then go buy one.

  • robot

This is suppose to be a cheap phone for poorer people, stupid.

  • Anonymous

not all there phones have to be perfect at leat we know this phone will not be too expensive

  • uk

no memory slot!! VGA CAMERA? its Mega pixels now samsung!!