Samsung Z520

Samsung Z520

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  • Me

I think its cool and i wanna by it.can smgd tell me if it is ok? if it desearves?

  • Anonymous


  • jklo

o come on look at it ovcous u can its amazing

  • gene

wow this phone so good i like it

  • anders

i got a sony ericsson z520 and its just sooo crappy :( don't buy it) is this one good, anyone who has one?

  • Anonymous

I wonder about the same thing. Can you have mp3 ringtones. I suppose it does though. Cause phones these days should have.

  • brufffy

i've got a samsung e720 but ring volume is crap and i miss loads of calls is this one any better does anyone know

  • Nuwa

can anybody tell me does it capeble of mp3 ringtones? also does it has a built in hands free?

  • qIyIn

This is probably the best samsung phone i've ever seen. The features and the looks are both quite attractive.

  • anabela

congratulations`s a excelent phone

  • james

wut is 3g????

  • Anonymous

samsung rulezzzz!!!!!

  • JH

Hmmm SAMSUNG OMG making so many phone's? wtf no more idea's? uhu but yes only a look a like from E730. i dont care

  • King Kong

I am the first one !!!!!
Looks like most new Samsung phones are 3G, but I don't 3G from the phone companies