Samsung Z700

Samsung Z700

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  • missmandyy

This phone looks at you...
Its scary!!!

  • manz

er, maybe becoz its been cancelled?

  • 678

i never heard this fone here in philippines coz all advertisements were nokia's and few from other brands especialy samsung i wonder why?? and i never heard of this unit in 2005 just now when surfing the net what happen here?? 2005,3.2meg cam, 3g?? mobile tv??? what the hell!!!

  • astons

I live in indonesia,is samsung 3g entered to indonesia?

  • Thems

How many samsung mobiles have this same design,features and performance? I'm kinda confussed...Can some one tell me...Cos i would like to buy this one but stuck in confussed!!!


heard it was discontinued but here in the philippines we got lots of that in greenhills

  • anders

aha this looks REAL good hpe i can afford it

  • gerbal

This phone has not been cancelled. In fact, it was the Z710 that was cancelled. Go onto the Z710 infomation and the top to shops offer THIS PHONE for about $410

  • gustav

why have they discontinued this? i was actually waiting for this to come out.


  • Ken

Is this sum Sharp 903?


why all samsung cellphone was black?
i have nokia

  • Disappointed

I am disappointed in Samsung. The Samsung Z700 looked really good in terms of specs and teh looks of it. I was all hyped in getting it and I've placed pre-orders for it. Now they've decided to officially discontinue it. This really sucks BIG TIME.

  • maa

so FM features..

  • Anonymous

this phone is officially cancelled. it got replaced by z710, but i doubt that even that phone will come out. sigh.

  • Anonymous

terrific and has alot of nice features


I love you samsung

  • Robot

this phone canceled. so you can eait for 710.

  • Kal

I thought this would be cancelled since Z710 is coming up. But according to some websites its gonna be available from April 1st week.

  • jo

i agree with mike. samgsung likes to announce phones just to break records. but most of them never hit the store worldwide!!1 if they do. ONLY IN KOREA!!. thats lame.

  • ryan

this phone maybe will be cancelled.but don scare,we have Z710!3.2megapixel!