Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 infographic covers the basics

Vlad, 02 September 2020

As part of the barrage of promotional content it's released today to celebrate the full official announcement of its latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung has also outed an infographic.

This covers all of the basics of the new device, giving you the essential information you should know about it at a glance - or two. Or three. Anyway, while literally long (see below), it does cover a lot of ground, and summarizes the new handset neatly.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 infographic covers the basics

The Galaxy Z Fold2 goes on sale on September 18, with pre-orders starting on September 2. It will be priced at $2,000/€2,000. It looks like with this product Samsung fixed all of the gripes anyone ever had with its predecessor, while keeping the design similar but adding a touch of new late 2020 paint - to make the new Fold2 seem like it's from the same era as the Note20 and Note20 Ultra. Which is good, because it is. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon.


Reader comments

  • Real.Talk

Why is the infographic on Gsmarena inferior in quality and lower in resolution than the original on Samsung very own Newsroom page ???

  • DAL

This phone looks fabulous. I like the obvious innovation in this new model compared to its predecessor. I hope a future model contains the S-Pen as well (which in my opinion would be the icing on the cake). Samsung really looks like they have taken t...

Punch hole in a foldable phone ......... WHY!!!

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