Samsung's Note10 Lite to know the exact location of the S Pen, thanks to BT 5.1

Ro, 16 December 2019

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note10 Lite is no longer a question of if, but of when. It received Bluetooth certification earlier this month alongside the Galaxy S10 Lite, but now its papers have been updated and bring a nice little surprise.

The Bluetooth certification
The Bluetooth certification

According to the latest certification document, the Galaxy Note10 Lite will support the latest Bluetooth 5.1 standard, which brings a cool feature that Bluetooth 5.0 lacks - positioning.

This, in turn, could mean that the Note10 Lite will know where precisely the S Pen is allowing for more accurate and advanced gestures. Funny to think that these gestures would work better on the Note10 Lite than on the Note10 and Note10+.

Here's hoping that Samsung's software developers put the more advanced hardware to good use.



Reader comments

  • s-pen pusher

it depends on the signal range of the device. previous bluetooth version are able to tell the distance between two bluetooth devices; bluetooth 5.1 adds sensing of the angle of the bluetooth signal. when you add the 2 together you can triangulate the...

  • Anonymous

Yeah, the main thing I took from this article is that the Note10 doesn't have 5.1.

So note is less than 6 months old and didnt have BT5.1!? Too much

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