Samsung's One Hand Operation + gesture navigation app released on Play Store

Sagar, 09 March 2019

Android devices have come a long way. They first relied on physical buttons for navigation which were later replaced with on-screen buttons. And we now have navigation gestures. However, with the increasing display sizes, controlling a phone with one hand can be difficult for many. Well, to make things easier, Samsung has released its One Hand Operation + app on the Play Store.

This app makes navigation easier on phones with one hand. It lets you perform different actions with different swipe gestures from the edges of the screen. You can customize swipe gestures for different functions like going back, going to homescreen, opening the previous app, taking a screenshot, and much more. Head over to the source link at the end of this article for a complete list of functions.

One Hand Operation + is a very useful app, but it only works on Samsung devices. If you own a Samsung device, you can download it from the source link below.

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Reader comments

Installed this today on my S10e and been using it all day. Muscle memory getting there. A lot better than bottom of the screen gestures. I've set it up so that gesture are identical on both sides making left or right hand use a breeze. Game changer.

  • Anonymous

Do some research

  • Anonymous

IT should be only for Nokia phones because Nokia is the one who made IT not Apple of Samsung, same they copy always on display grom nokia

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