Samsung's Quick Share app arrives for Windows 10

Ro, 12 February 2021

Samsung's partnership with Microsoft is ever improving and now the Korean company is bringing its Quick Share functionality to Windows 10-powered PCs.

Samsung's Quick Share app arrives for Windows 10

The new Quick Share app has been introduced a while back for Samsung devices and now it's available for Windows 10 too. It can be found at Microsoft's app store and lets you quickly and easily send files from your phone to your PC over Wi-Fi Direct.



Reader comments

  • SALT

AKA KDE Connect that is free, open source and does this for years already, it's available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and let's you even control your video player and use your mobile touch phone as remote pointer, send and receive not...

  • Jovan

Oh no, the picture is misleading however samsung really is making an app called quick share. You can look it up.

Come-on GSMARENA get it together this is NOT a Samsung app and it is actually a Chinese developer. Your article from the beginning appears to state it is from Samsung. I trust GSMARENA and have been reading the articles for years as a trusted sourc...

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