Galaxy S10 screen repairs are the most expensive in Samsung's lineup

Peter, 19 March 2019

The screens of the Galaxy S10 phones are the most expensive to repair from the entire lineup of Samsung flagships, including the recent Note9. That said, Apple’s pricing remains tangibly higher.

The costs hasn’t been published everywhere, but we have a couple of price points – Australia and Taiwan. Here are the prices below, compared to how much Apple is charging (in Australia).

      Samsung TWD AUD Apple TWD AUD
      Galaxy S10+ 7,100 320 iPhone XS Max 10,790 518.95
      Galaxy S10 6,450 300 iPhone XS 8,990 448.95
      Galaxy S10e 5,350 280 iPhone XR 6,490 318.95
      Galaxy S9+ 5,300 287 iPhone 8 Plus 5,490 278.95
      Galaxy S9 4,700 247 iPhone 8 4,790 218.95
      Galaxy S8+ 5,300 260 IPhone 7 Plus 5,490 278.95
      Galaxy S8 4,700 250 iPhone 7 4,790 248.95
      Galaxy Note9 5,500 320
      Galaxy Note8 5,300 280

Notice that in Taiwan, the Galaxy S10+ has the highest costs while in Australia it matches the Galaxy Note9 price. Still, in either case you’ll be paying top dollar to swap the damaged screen for a new 6.4” Dynamic AMOLED screen.

And how did the flat, smaller, lower resolution screen of the Galaxy S10e end up costing as much as the S9+ screen (curved, QHD+)? HDR10+ and a punch hole probably add to the costs, so you’ll want to be extra careful even with the most affordable of the Galaxy S10 phones.

Another thing to notice is that Apple repairs in Taiwan are cheaper than they are in Australia, but Samsung repairs cost essentially the same in the two countries, which narrows the gap.

You can find Samsung’s official screen replacement prices for Australia here and for Taiwan here. The respective Apple pages are here and here.


Reader comments

  • cce
  • 12 Apr 2019
  • nRb

No matter whether you use a screen protector or nothing, when it drops the front glass still going to get shattered. Mine, I accidentally drop 3 feet, the side screen burst then it cracks.

  • Anonymous
  • 04 Apr 2019
  • PS6

and THAT'S the problem: so much for Apple claiming that they care for the enviroment, they throw out so many usable little parts like the aforementioned camera module just to replace the screen. Give Louis Rossman's Youtube channel a look, he goes ...

Wait and see I guess

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