Sendo D800

Sendo D800

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  • Ferrari
  • FMY
  • 02 Sep 2018

Still use this phone today, better than any smartphone

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    • momo
    • ftK
    • 29 Jan 2013

    this sendo product s are cool.i used it before solid.pls i need to buy one wants to how to go about it.

      • e
      • emanuel
      • J8s
      • 05 Nov 2010

      I lofe this fone!! its looks so nise...with this fone i am the cool gay of the neiberhood. And we are all rely bat ass people

        • A
        • Alex
        • mpK
        • 19 Feb 2009

        Oh my gosh, this phone is realy old. But I do like it, I like the desighn best and the screen too.

          • m
          • madman
          • F9q
          • 15 Apr 2006

          OMG This handset is absolutely brilliant, I LOVE IT I think I would be the coolest dude in my cell block!!

            • k
            • karendi
            • N7D
            • 10 Feb 2006

            why does the phone have an infrared port but can neither use data services

              • a
              • anonymous
              • MSR
              • 03 Jan 2006

              I think it looks a bit dated compared to some mainstream mobiles i mean even the nokia 1100 looks better and has more features and is under £20.Thnx!

                • S
                • Susan
                • R0F
                • 19 Sep 2005

                Hi, I'm using sendo D800, Its pretty nice and I like it. The problem is that the charger for the phone I cannot find it here, How about if you let me know how much it cost and I draft the money, coz I'm living in Tonga and we don't have this kind of phone, because I bought this phone at Vanuatu. Please reply as soon as possible.

                  • J
                  • Jonathan Tarip
                  • 12 Oct 2004

                  Where can I buy a SENDO D800 cell phone in United States and how much would they cost.

                  Your immediate reply will be much appreciated.


                    • A
                    • AYUB
                    • 24 Sep 2003

                    I have sendo D800. When I turn ON, it says "BLOCKED", now please tell me what should i do?
                    Please tell me the code to "unblocked".
                    Thank you.

                      • v
                      • viki
                      • 13 Sep 2003

                      I've sendoD800. i have problem with the screen - overlapping, battery loose. Can I find any local agent in Malasia - Kuala Lumpur, i've tried but seems nobody have seen the brand .Please advise me how to go about it as it is very urgent & also if I have to send over the phone how to go about it and avise also the cost.

                      Please Reply ASAP

                      Thank you
                      my hand phone no.:+6012-6615508

                        • k
                        • kenneth omolo
                        • 13 Jan 2003

                        i have the sendo d800 phone and i really like it but the problem is that recently i lost the charger and its unavailiable here in kenya so is it possible for me to buy it from there by sending a bank draft and if so please let me know the price.Another thing is that how can i know the prices of your newq models from the net?Thank you in advance.

                          • S
                          • Suraj R
                          • 24 Nov 2002

                          My Sendo D800 is giving me gr8 trouble...the display is pathetic, gets all smudgy and mixed up. If anyone can suggest corrective measures please mail me. Otherwise the phone...its features are awesome!

                            • s
                            • salamat rahaman
                            • 06 Aug 2002

                            i live in nigeria and have a d800 stopped working and i wanted to know if u had any service outlets either in nigeria or in the uk so i can get it fixed.

                              • f
                              • fonz
                              • 08 Mar 2002

                              In Malaysia Sendo is not known and I have never seen one in all the shopping malls. I have been watching this phone for ages through this page and yearning that one day I would find the real one to physically feel it. Why the hell is Sendo so difficult to get in my country? Somebody help me, please.

                                • d
                                • darius
                                • 20 Dec 2001

                                extraordynary phone i can say is the greatest

                                  • M
                                  • Mr.warekog
                                  • 19 Jul 2001

                                  I have some problem about I wound like software sendo D800 for mobile. please help me. thank you for your cooperation

                                    • A
                                    • ANTON PONAWAN
                                    • 18 Jul 2001

                                    SHIITTTT ! ieu hangpon atawa permen, leutik pisan nya ???

                                      • P
                                      • Prototototot
                                      • 15 Jun 2001


                                        • o
                                        • obaz
                                        • 30 Apr 2001

                                        iki henpon opo cukur brewok yo ?