Sendo M570

Sendo M570

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  • Anonymous

My first phone

  • AnonD-685815

My first color phone. I still remember downloading naked pictures from internet :) but after some time i throw it to the wall cuz it started to behave silly :D

  • nadee

sm thng is wrng with ma 4n,when i swich on da 4n & open da flap it gets swished off... wht can i do 4 it?
plz reply....

  • mike

i have a phone like this and i think is vrey wick , but the he has one good think >batery

  • Nick

im using this while my N95 has been taken away by my parents...ha! its a real change. This phone basically has a really poor quality screen, you cannot text on it (it wont keep up). i cant think of any plus points apart from its kinda small and a nice size.
oh and it has hilarious ringtone on it called hippyhop.

  • zoran.ristich

My displey is not working I have sendo570 model. Can somebody give me a manuel for that model I need for transfer of numbers from phone memory to sim card. Thanks!

  • ahmed

wat is NCK

  • Anonymous

im using this great little phone for about 2 years now. I simply love it. Everythings seems to keep working and it never let me down. Would buy it again and leave those fancy nokia's, motorola's and siemens behind.

  • shola

its a big small interesting phone which has really proved more than how it looks like.keep it up

  • peter adewuyi

i used the phone for six months, it was fabulous no problem. one of the best product from sendo, though cheap but durable.

  • Chieme

This phone is great!! not so expensive and yet, it gives you a taste of 2.5 G cellphones.

  • isaac

sendoM570 memory is quite a biot little and the case needs to be improve

  • Anonymous

my daughter loves this fone.. cheap and decent quality

  • Anonymous

people are stil actually using something that looks like this

  • Anonymous

to feras your phone is blocked so you have to unblock it using the puk2 from your service provider as I think or try to switch off the phone several times it may works if your phone was blocked as a software problem not cuz of normal blocking.... hope it helps...

  • feras hazem

I have (sendo M570)Icannot user it because I see in the screen of it award in arabic (مقيّد)its mean in english (bound or fittered)please help me to restart this mobile .
Best regards .

  • imahw wayne

i got a lot to say,am form ghana and am using sendo M570. i have notice on the phones it keep freezing .i like the phone but not it is doing to

  • ginika macdonald oji

sendo M570 is good in network and colour but the sound is not good pls send the main to my e-mail


  • jeferso

hello, i wish be know over this fone, this model, can receive pict? and.. how i can listen all ring tones? have a nice day...

  • Anonymous

help!!!my sendo is bloked!pls tell me from ur experience ...what the hack u did to him to work again!pls!!!help me!!!!!mail to me pls if u have the answere!
God be whit u all the sendo buyer!:)