Sendo S230

Sendo S230

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result of search galaxy s23😅

    • O
    • Onyeomachukwu orji
    • Nue
    • 14 Aug 2020

    How much

      • M
      • Maddy
      • t}C
      • 04 Apr 2019

      This mobile was awesome

        i never liked this phone

          • r
          • rakesh malik
          • 2@2
          • 02 Jul 2013

          sendo s230 is very good smart phone i am use sendo s230 but i am upsets this phone not the mkt battery

            • D
            • AnonD-141445
            • t7{
            • 01 May 2013

            i use to have this phone in year 2004. the features quiet different and entertaining specially for begginers of using text, good signal strenght. good phone

              • h
              • hans
              • Lq{
              • 05 Aug 2010

              creo que el sendo s230es genial aunque tengo 12 años dicen que es viejo

              me encanta

                • J
                • Joseph Cassar
                • 0Em
                • 05 Aug 2009

                tina hewer, 09 May 2008i used to have this phone about five or six years ago it was ok Dear Tina,
                My father has just got one of these phones. It looks simple and straight forward, but how do you switch T9 off to be able to write sms normally ?
                Thank you in anticipation

                  • t
                  • tina hewer
                  • Tk1
                  • 09 May 2008

                  i used to have this phone about five or six years ago it was ok

                    • A
                    • Adegeye Adedayo
                    • m{m
                    • 02 Oct 2007

                    the battery is sort of bad and does not last as long as expected

                      • M
                      • Miss Shona
                      • jGp
                      • 23 Jun 2006

                      I brought this phone while in a crunch. It worked fine, and had decent battery life; but it was hands down the worse cell phone I've ever used. The form doesn't feel comfortable in your hand; the menu doesn't make sense; the animations are pretty horrid (as a basic monochrome phone; they really could have left out the weird cartoon character). The phone is fine if it is free. Other than that, it's hardly worth using.

                        • R
                        • Rahman Naseer
                        • PSC
                        • 23 Apr 2006

                        haaaaaaaaa i am agin ...yah this is funtestic cell phone...thats reaily popular in my city....peopple like this beacuse its powerful cell phone.....when any event take place....i only choice this cell phone as a gift...and my friend like my gift....its so beautiful....small size...old people very like this beacuse it have loud rings...Its wap is very alll facilities is available...i only recomend this cell phone....LOve u alll sendo......and love u alll sendoo user.....if any body want make my friend so contact me this

                          • R
                          • Rahman Naseer
                          • PSC
                          • 23 Apr 2006

                          Ohhhhh yah model lunch every day....there is no sendo s230 prove a best cell phone....i a very power full cell phone proved....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....thats reaily great....

                            • g
                            • gre
                            • iUX
                            • 12 Jan 2006

                            for the love of fones, pls stop making such ugly and pethetic crap. looking at fones like this im starting to loose interests in mobiles/ its cheap and crap.

                              • J
                              • J.C.
                              • m93
                              • 10 Jan 2006

                              For Derifo:
                              Could you give contact details in order to get a battery for SEndo 230?

                                • M
                                • Muhammad Azmat Ali
                                • PDL
                                • 25 Dec 2005

                                Sir my mobile set name is Sando230 and its really good mobile specially its reception is very good in locat enviourment.
                                but from some days it got a serious problem . which is that when some one call me at this mobile its turn off. or if its receieve any message its turn off. which is a great problem plz help me in getting out of it. i will be very thankful to u

                                  • v
                                  • veryhappy
                                  • pYF
                                  • 09 Dec 2005

                                  Why so many bad reviews, I had one It was brilliant for the price. No problems ever with it.

                                    • c
                                    • cj
                                    • MSR
                                    • 06 Nov 2005

                                    yh dont get this fone.. mine woodnt charge andthen if it did it woodnt turn on.. even if it says the battery's im movin on 2 something more betta 4 lyfe the samsung d500 :)

                                      • J
                                      • Justin
                                      • Y2n
                                      • 24 Sep 2005

                                      DO NOT get this phone. It's flimisly made and battery life is about 5 hours on a good day. I've also had problems with the clock timer where it would be off by at least 12 hours when only being re-set about a day or so before. Avoid this phone at ALL costs.

                                        • h
                                        • hattie
                                        • n1b
                                        • 18 Sep 2005

                                        it is awful, my friend had it and it kept falling apart, it would turn itself off randomly and it stopped working when it was cold. She called it "sensitive" i call it "crap".