Sendo S300

Sendo S300

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  • Suzyfoozie

Good old sendo

  • Anonymous

Maefae, 09 Jul 2020Can this wonderful sendo run WhatsApp and Kik Yes
It takes a hour to kik to load up WhatsApp longer
No photo option due to no front camera

  • Maefae

Can this wonderful sendo run WhatsApp and Kik

  • Jimmy H

If God comes and ask me one of my wish from the bottom of my heart. I would say give me sendo300 my lord.♥

  • tja

End of 2016 and still working like a new one... Looks a bit vintage nowadays ; )

  • Sam

It was the 1st cell phone of my life. Used it for 1 year in 2006. Simple and good phone. Still miss you..

  • Anonymous

I had a blue one! it's a very tough phone. dropped from heights, dropped in water.. nothing kills that monster!

but at the end the battery died.

  • :)

Sendmesendo, 10 Aug 2011I swapped my samsung galaxy s2 for this little beauty, my g... moreTroll

  • shokat

i am using this product from last 8 years, good quality voice and receiving calls and call making.
thanks of sendo

  • Sendmesendo

I swapped my samsung galaxy s2 for this little beauty, my god it was a stunning deal!

The bright lights on the SGS2 used to really hurt my eyes, but now iv got the sendo s300, i dont need to be dazzled by unnecesary glare when i send my text messages, also the keys on this particular keypad provide a perfect playing field for even the most veteran texters.

The phone feels professional when you hold it in your grasp, and the curved edges give this phone the extra advantage over any other model on the market!

Also, i prefer this to my SGS2 as now i dont have to worry about taking pictures every few seconds, which i felt necessary with my SGS2 as i didn't want to waste any features, but i know with this baby, i can make it work to its full potential, and im the one who calls the shots now!!!

Sendo S300 < Samsung Galaxy S2.
Blows it outta the water, NO QUESTIONS!!

  • Anonymous

wow i got this phone for 5 euros and got 10 euros of credit! very nice : )

  • promise dawa

please my dear customer i just want to tell you that sendo is the best mobile phone so far

  • ahmedk

I have the model of sendo S300. I would like to unlock the mobile. I found the unlocking instructions from But I want the unlock code. where do I get it?

  • achraf

in morocoo 220v

  • Anonymous

could someone tell me why the phone goes to puk code just like does this phone save send messages where do i find them...

  • Harry

I have a sendo s300 and am looking for a 110v mains charger for it. What is the voltage of the charger? and the polarity (i.e., tip + or tip - ?)

thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

  • welson

what can I do if it says enter Nck when open phone?

  • Anonymous

what do you do if it says pin blocked enter puk

  • Anonymous

what number do i call to check my balance?
please help me

  • phill

simple, go to messages click on read, scroll to the last message, this will be your saved message just delete it!!!