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  • Anonymous

Proffexxor, 20 Mar 2008I am finding it difficult to download games on my Sendo s36... morei can't browse with my phone again and i can't download games also i can't send mms

  • patrick

my sendo s360 is showing sendo test please what should i do to use my phone again thanks for your urgent answere!

  • Proffexxor

I am finding it difficult to download games on my Sendo s360. The phone is not compatible with any of the game types. Wether downloading it from wap site or sending it from a friend's phone, no game can install. I am sorry but I don't know what else to do.

  • Oyeniyi Rotimi Micha

Am so much in love with the phone but few weeks ago , it has been given me problems.I Cannot assess my message and cannot check my internet again to worsen the whole thing anytime am charging it and I switch off and on it later,it keeps telling me that "at the initial set up do not remove battery.Please help me out,I love your product so much.I will be expecting ur reply soonest

  • sam

why is sendo s360 not compacted to mtn wap if any solution on dat pls work on it 4rrm Nigeria.

  • dickson

i was trying to set my gprs , my phone since then displaying .. initial setting could not be started ands i cant text message.

  • isa

my sendo s360 keeps showing me sendo test, and i dont know what to do. please some one should tell me what to do. my email;

  • Adeniyi

Pls,i have been using dis phone about 2yrs now,resenly d phone is showing me block on d what can i do.i want u to send me d solution to my email ( phone is +2347036691375.thank u.

  • danish

i have a problem with my cell is that when i on my cell there is a msg on screen something like sendo test can anybody know's what the prb is ??? plz solve my problem . my id is


As was trying to activate my internet browser, my phone started diplaying BRS MODULE could not be started and i am unable to subscribe internet and text sms messages. kindly help me. 080 or +2348075012401. IMEI IS 354825003200112

  • Asad Agha

You Can Download User Manual From the Following Link

  • bogdan

the s360's are good mobile phones and come in low prices.what i am having problems with is the removable cover.mine is allmowst distroied and i couldn't find one to question is can i order one via mail?

  • muri

i am having problem with my sendo s360 ringerb pls
teach me how to solve the problem

  • TAimur

here is the link to User Guide/Manual.

but still the problem is How to Enter a New-Line in a Text Message ?

  • TAimur

well its a great mobile for the price. among the few problems I felt with it is the customer support n its keys.

also, need help with one thing from U guys, how you enter a new-line while compsing a short message.

  • tobi millar

sendo s360 is a very lovely problem with the ohone is that after calling,you can not check your last call time and moreover there are only two boring games in my phone.although i can browse,i can not download more games.can my phone be upgraded?

  • tobi

sendo s 360 is about the best phone uyou can get anywhere in the world.i have been using it for the past 2 year and i have never for once have any problem with it.i really underestimated the gprs compatibility until i used it for a really the best

  • David,Nigeria

My s360 phone's screen suddenly gone blank.It gives a sound as if battery is low but the battery shld be about half

  • Eloise

I have had a sendo 360 for about 4 years now, it was my first phone when I was 11. However if I was allowed to pick a phone I would have not of choosen this one. I am thinking of getting a new phone as I would love a camera phone with blue tooth. S360 is ok but to be honest I am getting bored with it. Also when I try to ring people sometimes it doesn't actually ring them, which is annoying.
Overall S360 is an okish phone I suppose.

  • kerry

your sendo s360 show message not sent no problem contact me on my e-mail address i will be glad to hepl.