Sendo Z100

Sendo Z100

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  • muco

it s extremely beautiful i think but i am living in turkey so where can i buy it? i want it in a very short time!!!!!!!

  • Lene Rasmussen

Is there anybody who can tell me where to buy this phone, in Denmark or in Europe
Regards Lene

  • somebody

For - jenny cargil

  • zaby

dear Mr'
i want buying one your order,if you want please you replay to me ASAP


  • Greg


Do you know where I can but a Sendo Z100?

  • Kuvo


  • adam

good ID design!!

  • jenny cargil

this phone sucks ass,the colour screen really pisses me off! my moms bosch sounds better and has better reception.the only use I could put it to was pleasuring my misses with the vibrating somthin new you bitches!!!!!!!!

  • Desmond

Really - this pfone is spacy. It can be said that it is released earlier than it should be... :) I'm sure that at least half of the technology is like the one used in the G3 phones. Simply cool ... perfect!

  • Mike

This phone is a brick! Could they please make it a little bigger?

  • Biggus

This phone looks fantastic! I use my PDA all the time, alongside my Nokia 6210. However, I would dearly love to have a combined device and do away with having to carry 2 electronic items around everywhere.

The 6210 has a terribly unsophisticated calendar function and a bearable address book. This looks to have the idea interface and syncro-ability.

Nice one!

When will they be avail. in the UK?

  • Christy

Oh...when can I have this phone?!

  • George Trikoupis

What can you say about this phone? Its almost perfect.Well, let's begin: tri-band, GPRS,screen TFT which can show up to 65000!colours, ports USB, IrDa & RS-23232.As for the software it uses Stinger which is the evolution of Pocket Pc(without having convential problems with different applications of Windows CE). This new software offers apart from the neccessary functions for a mobile( phonebook,calendar, WAP, HTML, XML,...) and other more ''exotic'' possibilities such as video, audio, Mp3 and VML reproduction. Plus it haw IrDa, USB. OBEX to ensure the communication with other devices and with the Pc since it supports fully the technology of Outlook & Exhange. In addition to all thes if we add and the conventiality with the operationals systems Pocket Pc anh WinCe, maybe we are dealing with the best communicative platform which combines a mobile phone third generation and a developed personal assistance. This device is expected to circulate in the autumn of 2001. So be patient. Perhaps it will be the best phone in the market...