Sewon SG-2880CS

Sewon SG-2880CS

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  • Danish

i purchase Sewon SG-2880 CS. but having problem then i switch on my cell it only show display screen another program not working like my cell is dead any buddy help me em waiting..... thnx

  • nita

I have followed the instructions below in regards to turning off t9 texing however "what send button"? Anyone able to help me. Cant tex with it on and the manual is in Japanese which I do not read. THANKS

  • sadick appiah

I can't change my phone(sewon) language to english please help me by sending me the manual via e-mail.

  • eric

this phone is wonderful.i love it.
but, my phone is on arabic,japanese or chinese language.i am therefore formal language is english.could i get the manual via email or directions on how to turn it to english.please help as soon as possible

  • wayan

I want to ask...
Where is the distributor for the Sewon mobile phone?

  • Hasan Mahmud Riyad

How to turn off the T9 for sms??

well i bought a sewon SG 2700E Mobile phone and but i dont know how to turn off t9 option.. But at last i found ..just go to message select Write then press send button to enable ABC input... Ok you are done.. just write your sms....

  • Cher

Can someone please email me the user manual in english languague. How to turn off the T9 for sms??? Pls Help


i love thius very page so keep itr up the good work.

  • Yizumi

i just bought this phone for my sister.Do not know why this phone keep on out of battery i just finish charging use not more than 3 hour the phone status out of battery :( and also why i do not c any calculator in this phone?Can anybody help me on this ?

  • Helen Lai

I bought this little cute phone in red for my daughter whom scored full As in her exam. After using for about 6 months,the LCD Display gone blank - no pictures/display. Please help and guide me how can I get a LCS Display Set. My daughter is begging me everyday and I have sourced round whole Malaysia but still can't. Please help. Thanks

  • shahid

hi there,

Actually my charger got broken and im looking for new one for at least 6 months but couldnt find it, Could u plz guide me through how to get this one. My current location is Melb( Australia).

I'll wait for ur earliest reply.

  • Bode Tijani

This is a nice phone but the only challenge I have with it is texting. Each time I try to type a letter. Another letter appears. I play around with key '0' but that does not help too much. I need help & really fast.


  • Shadman

can someone plz mail me the user manual of sg-2880cs on

  • enzo

I have beautiful mini cell phone, and ken not use in Canada.
Ken You help me with changing frequency.
I know that it is possible, to be done by professional
Workforce. Please contact me ASAP (403)681-9033
Thanks in advance.

  • Jeremy

Could someone please send me an english manual for the SG-2880CS. Thanks

  • jammy

dear sir,i have semon sg 2700e but i con not find any information abt this type of phone in your site.kindly sir i need manul for this mobile phone.
loookin forward..........thank you

  • Lenore Wasaga

Wanting to purchase charger for this model.If possible I can be emailed on this email address,Thanks

  • Mohbeen

I have recieved a Sewon SG-2880CS mobile phone which is very cute in red. I have a few problems with it and wanted to know how I can resolve them. I was only given phone, information booklet, 2 batteries, charger plug and earphone. the booklet was helpful but not helpful enough to knowelegde. I really wanted to know how to get rid of the voice when you dail a number but still keep the beep sound. Also I couldn't get the calculater to work on the phone. the information booklet had more then one Sewon mobile phones information altogether which was very confusing to which information is set to my particular phone. I have come to this website to find out about the information on Sewon SG-2880CS. and that did note even help me please could you email me the right information about this phone.

  • Haden

It's well designed but you can't download shit all onto it. It's stylish.

  • Md.Mominul Huda

hi dear,

I am the one of the user Sewon mobile phone which model is SG-2880CS. it is a nice phone set.I lost it's user manual. please send me it's one copy of user manul in english langous.
Thanking you. I am looking forwared to hearing some things from you.

Md.Mominul Huda.
Dhaka Bangladesh.