Sewon SG-2890CD

Sewon SG-2890CD

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  • guiii

hi sorry for my english i'm frensch!please where i find drum kit for sewon sg2890cd please thank you

  • zippy

Yes they do look alike, but all on same guts. What they'll be doing is making lower numbers of each and letting there be more of a selection, as covers would comp the strength of a unit that size.

  • dale

how can I get a manual for my phone in english

  • Kathy

I purchased the above mobile ph last Friday in Bangkok and unfortunately the manual is in the Thai language. Is there an on-line manual in English?

  • laxman rasailee

sg-2890cd manual sewon

  • Anonymous

yes i think it is a copy of the sendo m550 as the vortex is in the same place

  • Anonymous

is it me or do all Sewon phones look the same?