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Sharp 802

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  • alvin

vodafone 802sh has a authorized repair shop in the philippines? rply asap

  • phrincesz

how can i save in my sent items? thank you.

  • Anonymous

Where i can find the software for sh802?

  • joey A.

Hi to V802sh user's.. how can i install java games in my memory card?? how can i use front camera?? how can i activate my sent items.. can u help me please please please.. u can email me @ i need your help im only new hir @ my cellfone.. please please please email me i need your big help..

  • marklunes

Hello! I just wanna ask on how to activate MMS in this phone? I'm from the Philippines and using Globe sim. My 802's firmware is Euro and how can i add games? pls help!

  • jennifer

how can you activate the front camera?

  • king

pls. help me, im from philippines, i cannot send and reciv txt message on my sharp 802. pls. help what should i do?

pls. txt me po. i will give load to anyone could help me.
0923-4933-122 / 0916-263-9904

  • simothy

Hi there,
I just bought a sharp 802 but was wondering if you were able to help me configure it so that i can send and recieve texts and phone calls thanks

  • carloud

elo sirs,

I would like to ask, how do you configure sharp 802 to save your sent sms messages? I tried to save it in the settings but to no avail :(

  • grassy

Hi, I have a Sharp802SH, a gift from my bf, but he bought it secondhand, there are other features that i don't know how to use. I searched on the net for the manuals but i can't find it.... Could you send me a manual for this thru my email.... Thank you & God Bless!

  • alain

how or where can i find a website that can teach me how to configure my sharp 802SH internet and mms settings for globe philippines.. thanks so much..

  • Anonymous

I have an 802sh with Euro firmware. Can games be installed through a memory card?

  • Kevin Preston

Hello Everyone,

I have a Vodafone 802 and I really like it. But I have a problem.

1. what type of mp3 does this phone can required.
2. how can you activate the front camera?
3. guys do you have manuals? could you send me a certain manual for this phone?

looking forward hearing back from you all and for your cooperation.

Kevin P.

  • KAI

i just got the 802. i am using T-Mobile in USA and everything works fine EXCEPT that i CAN recieve when someone send me message from a PC email account, BUT can not reply or send to a PC email account. i have all the configuration done via Tmobile web, and i can even go on T-Zone by pressing the Vodafone live botton. also when i turn OFF the phone and turn on again, i will have to re-configure EVERYTHING!! T-zone wont work! everything has to start over...any help????? please help me out!!

  • thans

how to configure MMS setting on V802SH? I'm using touch mobile sim.. pls help me..

  • renz

if there is a setting of sharp 802sh (gprs/mms/3g settings) in globe.?

  • raKizta_86

hey how can i install java games that i downloaded from the net to my phone?
when i use a bluetooth device,the games is saved in other documents and when i open it,it says "item cannot be opened"..waht should i do.please help me.tnx

  • randallpogi

i dont know if my questions have been answered.

i have problems wid my sharp 802, i can call and recieve calls but i cannot recieve and send text. i ve tried changing sim cards, like globe and smart.some i can, some i cant. what seems to be the problem with my phone, it has a strong signal because i can still make a call. all are working perfectly only the send and recieve messages.

please help bout this. i have the euro version for this phone.

thanks dude and dudettes.

  • poohtic

hi. please provide the settings for this phone (GPRS/MMS/3G) when using it via Sun Cellular network?


  • Anonymous

I suppose it is a good phone, but it is too big and too ugly