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Sharp 902

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  • James

The 902 is an excellent phone, the video quality is excellent, and the video-ouput feature is amazing. After heavy usage my 902 has been great, no errors or faults, and the build quality is very good.

  • Anonymous

how amazing! 2mpixels! whoa. sharp fones are v forward. how does the fone handle with heavy usage?

  • Anonymous

according to Vodafone spec the 902SH has 8 MB internal memory, and battery life? Depends on what? camera? phone onyl? video?

  • abdullah taylor

good business

  • PooE


Q. 1) How much is the TOTAL memmory on this phone??

Q. 2) How is the batteries??

Q. 3) Is anyone having any trouble with the PC-phone / Phone-PC transfer??

Reply ONLY if you know


  • joker

very good phone

  • Sean

how much does it cost?

  • FBIagent

Does it support Macromedia Flash files? what version? ive uploaded a movie encoded with Flash 4 ,5, and 6 and none of them played... thanks

  • Anonymous

Try download SHARP-G726(J)­6(J).exe then you can play hopefully those videos in wmp

  • swanny9

Ive down loaded my video files on to my lap top from my Sharp 902 but cant play them in Microsoft media player, win amp, real player, etc

can any one tell me what I need to play these video files on my lap top and where i can down load them

p.s. how do you get the SD video files from the sharp 902 to a pc using handset manager I can find the files for the outer video type but not this and advie of help would be most appreciated

  • Rakesh

Some guy at the Vodafone shop mentioned a 903 version which is coming out soon, has anyone else heard of this rumour?

  • paul.s


I have the vodafone europe version, in the uk. i hadn't even heard of those other formats before. i just assumed (silly me) that the so called "media player" could play such standard media as an mp3. the sony does with no problem. it even plays m4a's, strait outta itunes on a mac!

another odd snafu: wanted to make a quick jpeg wallpaper of my own. tried to bluetooth it over, and got a "this device does not accpept files of this type" JPEG! - please sony, release a 3g phone of the s700's capabilities! that would be quite nice.

  • Anonymous

as far as i know the recording time is unlimited

  • cristina

can anybody tell me how long has the video to recording??

  • Wayne

whats this phone like? Can someone email me an let me know

  • Simon

I have a brand new 902 for sale with box etc and it is unlocked. E-mail me for details

  • James

Go here for some MMF ringtones that work, when put straight onto your fone...

  • Gloomy

to paul.s
do you have the european model or japanese, there are firmware differences between them the japanese one can support diff things. also, have you tried playing asf files and mmf files on this phone? i hae read many post of how you can play asf files seamlessly on the v902sh and mmf files be put as ringtones?

thanks Gloomy

  • paul.s

this seems to be the easiest to find link on this phone on google, so i'll post my experience so far here. been using this for the week now, can't say i find it at all thrilling. best feature is the video - qvga video direct to the sd card is impressive, not something i've seen anywhere else. the 2mp camera would be impressive if it wasn't for the fact that 100% of all photos i've taken with it are blurry because of the time it takes to make an exposure. lame. autofocus is slow as well.
that said, the ui is average, and not my favorite. current SE ui's are much better to look at and easier to use. there are some real bad faults concerning photos and editing them in phone. you can take your beautiful large res images, but you can't edit them or scale them down ("size too large. cannot show" - crappy). what's the point of a resizing utility if the large images you want to resize can't be used by it?
the font is obviously the fixed width font from the japanese version of the phone and is ugly (can you tell i'm a graphic designer?). wish there were themes, as the vodafone graphics are quite unimpressive and boring.
one feature that could be promising is that you can seemingly use java screensavers. however, where are they? are there any? looks like no so far, so what good is that feature.
the stereo speakers are a novelty. sounds nice if you listen looking straight at the screen, but for ringtones, you never are just holding your phone looking at the screen waiting for a call (unless you really do have nothing to do).
tried copying an mp3 and an aac encoded m4a files to the sd card. neither showed up in the media player. sad, because the adaptor for headphones is actually a real minijack - meaning i could use my high-quality earphones, since my ipod suddenly decided to evaporate all the files on it (with at 512 or 1mb sd card, this could be an ipod shuffle (though obviously not near the same size!).
it's said that japanese phones are somewhat difficult to use, because the japanese market takes some pride in being challenged by technology then figuring out. i don't like that, being from the west. it's a waste of my time.
vodafone live is quite crap as well. wanted to look up a restauraunt's phone number. after spending 15 minutes looking for the right way to search for it, still wasn't close to finding it. would be nice if i could just enter the name of the restauraunt in a directory - seems obvious to me, but not to vodafone. streaming new clips could be decent, but the couple i tried to stream stopped before the end. lame.
i'm looking to trade for the V800 in the office and use that instead. looking forward to it. there's my firsthand experience with using the phone so far. anyone find any java things to use as screensavers, please post. cheers!

  • Gloomy

i dont know what to do buy this phone at like 1000 cad unlocked(japanese version) or wait for the xcute DV1?