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  • anuraj
  • rKH
  • 18 Oct 2014

I want sharp aquos sh70f 's displya nd i want to knw how much rate for the disply

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    • popeye
    • nHS
    • 21 Aug 2013


    I have the sharp 903 used but all in good working order. I have the charging cable, pc connection cable, spare back cover and a spare battery. It's a great phone still use it sometimes as a backup. I'm thinking of putting it on fleabay soon..

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      • AnonD-165887
      • m5g
      • 17 Jul 2013

      i have a sharp 903sh
      comes with a battery and has a working lcd if your interested, the only problem with the phone is its charger port is damaged
      give me an offer for the phone
      i am based in the uk

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        • Anonymous
        • PUn
        • 07 Dec 2012

        I have Sharp 903sh, still working but the LCD has some vertical lines. I like to look for a LCD replacement. Anyone know where to buy online? Or if anyone who have old 903sh with working LCD, and want to sell please comment here on how I can contact you. Thanks!

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          • stretch
          • wf5
          • 20 Sep 2012

          where can i buy either a second hand sharp 903 sh or a new one, i am in Australia,if i got one from japan do they work in Australia

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            • AnonD-71468
            • wf5
            • 14 Sep 2012

            hello, i am looking for a power adapter for a Sharp 903 sh mobile fone approx 7 yrs old,

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              • stretch
              • wf5
              • 14 Sep 2012

              AnonD-42903, 16 May 2012Greetings Sang.i am a 903 lover i had this phone 4 times th... moredo you know if all the power adapters are the same, or are all different for each phone

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                • stretch
                • wfE
                • 02 Sep 2012

                i have had this fone phone since 2005 no major probs only had one i fell off the walk way to the boat and sank my fone i have tried to drain it but to no avail, i am looking for another but are hard to find

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                  • loda
                  • t}A
                  • 10 Jun 2012

                  i want to do chat on this hs how can i do

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                    • AnonD-42903
                    • 0Tw
                    • 16 May 2012

                    sang, 13 Jun 2011hi guys!! Just wanna share my 903sh experience,.. I firs... moreGreetings Sang.i am a 903 lover i had this phone 4 times the first one it was damaged and they lost it at service,the second,a bad person brake it 2 the floor,the 3ird stolen by a russian,and my 4th it worked for a while and now leave it to a box with other was one of my favorite phones and the camera so good i take pics and videos to a wedding with it.i'm glad there is people who using this model ;)

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                      • Anonymous
                      • HCs
                      • 22 Jan 2012

                      does any one know were i can get a desktop charger for the sharp 903sh as i have broken the charging point

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                        • sha
                        • PF5
                        • 20 Oct 2011

                        can u all help me where to find this battery?? Im bruneian, ive alredy search but they said that they haven't seen this type of handphone

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                          • sang
                          • t7X
                          • 13 Jun 2011

                          hi guys!! Just wanna share my 903sh experience,..

                          I first had this phone nov 2005 but unfortunately, i was a victim of pick-pocket so i've lost it. Luckily my nihonjin brother-iN-law was too good, giving me "again" a brandnew one, complete with all accessories. I really love the camera and the excellent phone features that other brands dont offer! The 2nd one was white and i've used it for more than 5rys. I've never had any serious prob with it until sept last year. when i was turning it on, a "please wait" msge appeared on the screen and then "initializing" (a very usual scenario whenever im turning it on). the rare thing was, it never stopped doing that!!.. I've waited for a week but it was still doing the same, so i bought nokia5800 (though i haven't had it brought to a service center yet coz i wanted to have a touch screen phone- haha). But my heart still longs for my 903sh,.

                          Anyway, my 903sh seems to love initialization that much,. It initializes forever, even until now, each time im trying my luck to turn it on again.

                          I envy my younger sister whose 903sh still functioning well (aside from the occasional auto-restarting prob). She received it the same date i got my 1st 903sh. Lucky her.. ;)

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                            • Noobie
                            • Kg%
                            • 22 Mar 2011

                            guillermo cortes, 26 Nov 2010hi everyone! i just have this phone yesterday and i was ... morehey! the same thing happened to me! It was working really fine last night but it's on low battery so I removed the battery and charged it using a(n) universal charger.
                            Then I inserted the battery again after some hours to the same phone, same sim. It opened for like, 5 secs then turns off by itself without even showing the vodafone logo. Turned it on again and the same thing happens over and over again. I was really surprised because it was really working fine last night, what happened? how do i solve this? I'm from Philippines also, it's parts are hard to find!
                            I've been charging it using universal charger for a year already so i guess it has nothing to do with that..?

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                              • eddie
                              • tue
                              • 11 Jan 2011

                              hai everyone! i'm from Malaysia .Can you tell me where I can find the Software ( charger / battery ) for 903SH in my place ( MALAYSIA )?
                              I have that cell phone but its can not working again coz i already lost that cell phone charger!How much?
                              u can caall me 019-2871150 or email me

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                                • guillermo cortes
                                • Kg$
                                • 26 Nov 2010

                                hi everyone!

                                i just have this phone yesterday and i was working fine. however, it's not turning on now. when i'm charging the battery, i see the red LED is turned on. after i charged the battery, i tried to insert a defective SIM. it's still good by that time, i was able to turn it on with the [defective] SIM. but this morning, it's not turning on anymore. i tried to charge the battery but the charger indicator (the red LED at the side) doesn't turn on. i tried removing the defective SIM and inserted a working SIM, and it's still not working. i really love this phone and i can't believe it's not working anymore.

                                i'm from the Philippines, and i'm not sure if we have a cellphone repair shop who can find the solution to this problem. what do think is the problem? does the defective SIM ruined my phone? do you think it can be fixed? please help me.


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                                  • powerzone001
                                  • Sgv
                                  • 17 Nov 2010

                                  iv got 1 for sale on ebay , ends in 3 days if any1 is after 1,

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • qAi
                                    • 07 Nov 2010

                                    Anonymous, 17 Oct 2010I still don't know why it's still so expensive 5 years late... moremMainly becasue of the CCD camera module that is used that is(was) comparable to some digital cameras. Also, becasue of the style of the phone, its rarity for being Japanese and many other things too.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 01e
                                      • 17 Oct 2010

                                      I still don't know why it's still so expensive 5 years later, it still sells for ~3000hkd.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • qAi
                                        • 29 May 2010

                                        Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to dissamble my dead 903sh to hopefully flash and unlock it, or if that dosnt work just take the housing.. if anyone has any instructions email me at shdwlink45 AT