Sharp 904

Sharp 904

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  • Vodafone_KK
  • Uhh
  • 01 Mar 2006

FeliCa = Wallet

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    • ynb3
    • Pxv
    • 01 Mar 2006

    will this phone come out to austrlia if so when and how much would it cost?

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      • harry
      • PFM
      • 01 Mar 2006

      i think the main updrade for this 904 is the screen. k800 is using xenon flash which creates more powerful flash light than normal LED flash. we are still dont know how is the camera quality would be, would it be the same as 904 or better. but the great feautures from this 904 is the face recognition. it is damn cool to lock the phone instead using PIN number

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        • noskill
        • 4tj
        • 01 Mar 2006

        phone will be available on april. ONLY in japan. Taiwan will be available on oct. UK probably will be end of 2006.

          • S
          • Steven
          • jSU
          • 01 Mar 2006

          Sharp, Sharp , Sharp.
          Yes, this is definitely the sharpest phone ever made and it's made by Sharp.

          Not a real digital camera yet (no manual control, shutter speed or ISO settings, no xenon flash), but Sharp is almost there.

          Will see if Panasonic will com up with new ideas as well this year (Remember, this year Panasonic is working on creating UMTS phones only).

            • b
            • blugs
            • 4Qy
            • 01 Mar 2006

            with such a beutiful screen they might as well include DMB or DVB or TMB something like that

              • P
              • Peter
              • PFL
              • 01 Mar 2006

              Ok guys, since today there are two latest design out (K800 form Sony and 904 sharp) which one you all think is better?

              personal feeling, i love the K800 perfect phone but the new Memory card format put me off a little.

                • A
                • Alex
                • jSU
                • 01 Mar 2006

                Sharp continues delivering the most
                Amazing, Sharp, Mature-Looking and Durable phones!

                Unlike Sony and lately Samsung with Nokia, Sharp makes normal sized, mature looking phones! (Looks like a real man's phone, and not a sissy female toys such as Sony k750 or Nokia n70 and Lg 5mp new phone)

                WELL DONE ONES AGAIN.
                GO SHARP!!!!

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                  • elliot
                  • 4Bd
                  • 01 Mar 2006

                  Thats one nniiiice phone.

                    • y
                    • yuki
                    • jH@
                    • 01 Mar 2006

                    one of the most fully pack handset around!!!

                      • S
                      • SB
                      • yLS
                      • 01 Mar 2006

                      Amazing phone in terms of spec. But the question is when will it be available in the UK!? and what about Felica function???