Sharp Aquos Crystal 2

Sharp Aquos Crystal 2

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  • AnonD-572227

phone looks are best ,need to improve on specs . Increase the battery to 4000mah, ram to 4 gb, camera both front n rear.include radio, mhl tv out, fast charging price it around $250 .

  • Anonymous

This phone is hard to get.

  • sohail

MasterMinds, 25 May 2015how should i make calls with no speaker? :Dit screen resolution graphic is run by sound waves which is faster then othr softwares making picture smooth ; when you put your on screen sound waves go in your ears ,butit hasnt got high sound , so hear sound anywhereon the screen

  • TDD-LTE 3500

the only phone in gsmarena db that support B42

  • ak123

i want to buy this

  • eslam mekawy

i want that.......

  • AnonD-518078

Antony, 02 Mar 2016Dear Manufacturer, specifications aren't satisfactory.I'm e... more

  • Douwe

Adam, 29 May 2015Start selling it in Europe! Great design! What price? How w... moreI want it!!!

  • Antony

Dear Manufacturer, specifications aren't satisfactory.I'm expecting a phone with same Price and design concept and with max. 8mm thickness,Android v6.0,2-3GB RAM,13MP Primary And 5MP Secondary Cams,3000-4000mAh Battery,GSM Network,microUSB v3.0and Black in colour.Such a piece 'll be a Hit...

  • Ton

I bought it and I like a lot. Is my first android and I use it as mobile office. You can buy at USA Amazon or web shop of some Japanese shops, only language available are Japanese and English for this amazing phone.
Is not a high grade handsome phone but for job is excellent. The battery is not a great deal but even bit better than the one of iphone 5, at least charges faster.

I reccomend.

  • AnonD-260703

bezelless but it sacrifies the thickness and battery, so this phone definitely useless :/

  • Anonymous

Can someone please tell where to buy this phone with shipping to europe?

  • Anonymous

MasterMinds, 25 May 2015how should i make calls with no speaker? :DThe screen vibrates and acts like a speaker.

  • Anonymous


  • sdfgfsdfsd

Cortex-A7?! In year 2015?! Is it a joke?

  • Eat3reat3r

Having the original crystal i can say I'm very disappointed that this is not coming to America. At least give android 5.0 to the crystal 1

  • gur

max1c, 06 Jun 2015I obviously can't speak for AC2 but I have original Aquous ... moreR u it can be possible with 2000 mah only

  • kledi

can you tell me the sharp aquos crystal works in europe in greece...???

  • Wegn

Not ridiculous at all, 2015 and it uses snapdragon 400 which is also used by the crystal I. and this time they are going to sell this for USD600+.

  • AnonD-414413

If i order unlocked version of this phone to India from will this work on INDIAN GSM operators??