Sharp Aquos S3 High

Sharp Aquos S3 High

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  • Colin

I have this phone - I know it's the high edition because it has SD660, wireless charging etc... but it only has 6GB RAM, not 8. Purchased in Taiwan.

  • Lila

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018Sharp should make model like the old aquos crystal Amazing... moreIKR. That's why I'm here. I have to get rid of my antique Aquos SH360 because I have to (can't access GoPro app with this old phone). Tsk tsk I love the no bezel design and square design. Tired of all phones looking just like a Samsung. People need fresh ideas.

  • Anonymous

Sharp should make model like the old aquos crystal
Amazing design, screen & durability, except suck spec a that time

True, and i better like the only camera notch as on the r2.

Well it have same screen as Razer phone also nice 8GB ram but far from flagship CPU and GPU. I dont know what sharp is thinking but this will not sell as expected for a 400 price.
Mi 8 still better option.