Sharp Aquos SH80F

Sharp Aquos SH80F

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  • 04 Nov 2011

Martin fernandes, 03 Nov 2011I am using for last 5 day it is amazing mobileIts a best mobile but name prob becoz letest jounration h/d name be sales

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    • Martin fernandes
    • s8e
    • 03 Nov 2011

    I am using for last 5 day it is amazing mobile

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      • heh
      • uVS
      • 02 Nov 2011

      Funmap, 20 Oct 2011This phone is identical to Sharp SH8289U from China - I own... moreyou might want to check again. this is the docomo model sh12c. softbank 006sh is called the sh8298u in China.

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        • idonno~
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        • 02 Nov 2011

        guys. i been using the phone for about 1 month now. both japanese and chinese version. here is the fact. if you want a cool phone that stands out from all the other samsung GS and moto droid atrix or htc, iphones etc. this phone does the job for you. no questions ask. but if you are hardcore android phone user and want to root this or change that. stay away for this phone. the japanese model and the chinese model of this phone is basically unrootable. if you want a phone just make/receive calls, text, mms. some casual games and plus internet go for it. and the 3D, well.. its cool for awhile then you will try not to switch it on because thanks for the small cap battery.

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          • Mr. M
          • La5
          • 30 Oct 2011

          small_giant, 21 Oct 2011This android phone is really giant. It has amazing features... morebluetooth was invented by ericsson and first implemented it in ericsson T36. nokia had it later on. also, ericsson introduced the first mms-capable terminal and first tri-band phone.
          please check your facts in the future.

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            • small_giant
            • K5g
            • 21 Oct 2011

            This android phone is really giant. It has amazing features and engineered for perfection. Bluetooth was commonly used around year 2000 and first launched by Nokia but still SHARP never missed bluetooth and for a techie guy like me bluetooth is still important. GOOD JOB SHARP unlike other android phone manufacturer. Their units only looks good but features is still lacking.

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              • Funmap
              • JxV
              • 20 Oct 2011

              This phone is identical to Sharp SH8289U from China - I own this phone and it is amazing!

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                • Shin
                • PxA
                • 20 Oct 2011

                This phone is tremendous but will cost 25k and above

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                  • Alejandra
                  • 8x0
                  • 20 Oct 2011

                  Do I have to pay any tax for importing from Japan to USA?

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                    • AnonD-26574
                    • KiW
                    • 17 Oct 2011

                    Hi.., For everyone rate this phone.
                    Have you ever seen closely or had this phone?
                    Or you just see the brand?
                    I just wonder about the rating of this phone.
                    It should have high rates based on the specs.,

                      Sharp user, 04 Oct 2011I am using it from June(model name is SH-12C in Japan). Thi... moreSorry, but you are not right about the internal storage. It has 2 GB, NOT 1 GB. I checked their site. Why would Sharp lie?

                        Sharp is so advanced, guys just see the Sharp 104SH and you will be shocked! :O That phone is 8.6 mm thin, and its waterproof as well. Here is a link:
                        This fantastic Sharp chose to "attack" the European market. First time they "attack" Orange, but after that they will come to the other networks as well.

                          Sharp: The perfection is near. :>(it's my new, Sharp slogan)
                          Gsmarena, thank you for unblocking my account. I don't want to repeat the same thing again to post many links. I made a mistake!

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                            • AnonD-24618
                            • La5
                            • 06 Oct 2011

                            Sharp user, 04 Oct 2011I am using it from June(model name is SH-12C in Japan). Thi... moreThe battery is only 1240 mAh? Is this true? You have to charge it every day even if you don't use its features(Wi-Fi or GPS) daily?

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                              • AnonD-24683
                              • n3A
                              • 04 Oct 2011

                              I don't understand why should I read in specifications "Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter applications". Is an android phone, isn't it? I want to read about a phone with "Hi5, Tagged, applications". Or specifications like "Angry birds" at games.
                              Anyway, this phone will be available in France first. And if you don't know yet, France is the first country wich banned by LAW, words like "Facebook" or "Twiter" in mass-media.
                              Take a look at Aquos Phone (The Hybrid-007SH-from SoftBank), too!

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                                • Sharp user
                                • 0U2
                                • 04 Oct 2011

                                SooMighty, 30 Sep 2011mAh baterry ??????? tell us !!!I am using it from June(model name is SH-12C in Japan). This phone has internal memory 1Gb,in Japan comes with 2Gb microSD card.

                                On the battery is written 1240mAh. On standby consumes less than 1% of battery per hour, on talking 3G/GSM consumes less than 20% per hour(for stanby and light talking lasts for 7 days). If you start using 3d, wi-fi, GPS or other app that consume power will last somewhere around 10 hours.

                                Price should be lower than any 3D capable phones(HTC or LG), I think 400USD is a fair price.

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                                  • AnonD-24618
                                  • La5
                                  • 03 Oct 2011

                                  [deleted post]Hi!
                                  This phone is only for Orange. If in your country there is no Orange, then you have to buy it online from somewhere.

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                                    • Mobilemaster
                                    • La5
                                    • 02 Oct 2011

                                    Anonymous, 02 Oct 2011if sharp want to be succesfull they could start by pricing ... moreI agree with you, they should NOT overprice this beauty. Sharp has a chance to win many customers, but with a reasonable price and with special features. I suppose, that their next smart phone will be a Dual Core one with waterproof capabilities. :>

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                                      • sagacious
                                      • v{T
                                      • 02 Oct 2011

                                      Phone seems to be having awesome hardware and software. I hope it is not in short supply and is not obscenely priced.
                                      I don't know how the service of sharp is and how easily new batteries are available when the original one gets depleted.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • t7X
                                        • 02 Oct 2011

                                        if sharp want to be succesfull they could start by pricing this phone cheaper than htc sensation and samsung galaxy s2.