Sharp Aquos V

Sharp Aquos V

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  • devils

wtf...... is it real ????? 2020 and using 2 years old chipset... even pocofone f1 still better than this phone

  • Anonymous

r6gear, 10 Feb 2020lol!What's funny? He prefers a phone from a good Japanese brand and not a cheap one.

Chandresh Bagada, 04 Jan 2020Where i can buy this phone ?lol!

Where i can buy this phone ?

  • Sageb1

John Weak, 16 Nov 2019Dear GSMarena, Please make a review of this phone. Thank you.LoL

  • John Weak

Dear GSMarena,
Please make a review of this phone.
Thank you.

  • Jimmy

Which store is selling this model so I can buy it?

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019whereas other brands like meizu & vivo release 16T & IQ... moreits a midrange fone with a highend chipset from 2 yrs back,,the chipset is still faster than sd 660 or sd 710 though but the phone is much cheaper than those fones fones running those mid range chipsets,,,,caps lock is cruise control for coooool..

  • Anon

For that price no one should be complaining at all. Sure there might not be no water resistance, or wireless charging, but with an ips display, USB C, flagship processor, 4GB ram and under 300 (if the conversion is correct).

  • Tisho

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019Dun understand why Japanese like to use small capacity batteries... moreThe battery size has to match some other size, you know I mean

  • Anonymous

whereas other brands like meizu & vivo
release 16T & IQOO NEO 855
with sd855 & 4500mah... 159mm size

there is people have broken mobile division, still release phones with sd835 & 3090mah...157mm tall


  • Anonymous

Majority Nokia 8 specs + Nokia 8.1 back design

Man, everything is close to perfect with this phone for me except the dimensions. 157 mm is just too tall. That's Pixel 2 XL height. I need it to be 12 mm shorter and 3-4 mm narrower. Be the size of the iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro, Pixel 2, & 3 at most. Even 138 mm like the original HTC One M7, Nexus 5, and "4.7 iPhones would make it feel even nicer.

The next iPhone 12 Pro with a "5.4 display but be the height of the "4.7 iPhones could have the most ideal dimensions I want but not the ideal OS I want. Even an iPhone XR, 11, and Pixel 3a is a bit too tall for me.

  • Anonymous

Dun understand why Japanese like to use small capacity batteries, like Sony.

  • Anonymous

the only good thing i see is that this phone is not having those stupid gemmick 48/64/108 megapixel cameras, apart from that this phone is not good

  • Anonymous

Most sensible phone.
Flagship processor at mid range
No ugly notch
OIS for main camera

Smaller battery

  • q

is it 2017??

Positives: Snapdragon 835
Negatives: Literally everything else

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 11 Nov 2019Compact! OwOIf you have gigantic hands

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Compact! OwO