Sharp demoes vertically foldable 6.2-inch phone

11 April 2019

Last month we saw a patent by Sharp about a vertically folding phone. Today we are treated to an early prototype by the company and the device looks every bit as interesting as the sketches that depicted it.

The folding phone is said to feature a 6.18 1440 x 3040 AMOLED panel with a fairly large notch, which folds inward right in the middle. Sharp claims that the device is capable of withstanding 300,000 folding cycles so long-term durability should not be an issue. A brand official believes there will be high demand for such a device as it would excel in the portability category.

The company hopes to commercialize this form factor in a few years, which sounds like a long wait seeing how other brands are already on the verge of releasing their first foldable phones. Motorola is also supposedly working on a similar clamshell design for the alleged RAZR 2019, which is expected to come sometime this year as a Verizon exclusive with a hefty $1,500 price tag.

Source (in Japanese) | Via