Sharp GX25/GZ200

Sharp GX25/GZ200

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  • 08 Sep 2017

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2007i bought a new phone, and put my sim card in the new one, b... moreHi All, pls support i need to buy this mbl gx25 in india can i get? If yes pls let me know.

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    • Nostalgia
    • MkC
    • 09 May 2016

    I have an emotional attachment with this phone. One particular ringtone in this phone means a lot to me is there ANYONE who knows where to find the 'Summerdream' built in ringtone for this phone???

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      • AnonD-495556
      • xvS
      • 31 Jan 2016

      a legend phone...a friend of me bought it just for the sound when you open it!

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        • LH0
        • 20 Oct 2013


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          • aju
          • uuh
          • 03 May 2013

          ajayakumartv, 10 Nov 2011how to repair this mobilegx25 sharp mobile switched off,battery checked it has no problem then from where do we get repair the mobile

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            • Q{R
            • 31 Jul 2012

            where to buy GZ200 charger??

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              • ajay
              • PGj
              • 12 Mar 2012

              very nice phone , you must buyyyeee it , and it also very cheap for a normal man

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                • vurnitzsj
                • t7Q
                • 04 Feb 2012

                where can i buy a battery for GX25? help me please i need it.. thanks..

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                  • ajayakumartv
                  • uuh
                  • 10 Nov 2011

                  how to repair this mobile

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                    • Mfx
                    • 05 Sep 2011

                    aye, 29 Jul 2006well, it's good. but i couldn't figure out how to transfer ... moreemail pictures from your mobile.

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                      • Sgv
                      • 30 Aug 2011

                      Sharp charger are the same as Panasonic and Sanyo, so you will find it easy and I'm not giving you any web address as I think is not permitted and will be removed, but for sure if you buy it online is cheaper than the shop.
                      One question for the owner, between gx25 29 15 and 33 which will you prefer for speech and reception quality please?
                      Thanks Gianpiero

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                        • :) cutiefuck
                        • PSk
                        • 20 Aug 2011

                        where can i buy a charger .. i lost my charger last month ? :(

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                          • AnonD-12803
                          • mVX
                          • 22 Jul 2011

                          Hi guys and girls,
                          Ive been using this wonderfull gsm since the times of nokia 3310. But the battery died. So where can i buy a battery in europe. And if i would sell this phone now how much should i ask? :)

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                            • AnonD-6887
                            • 3pw
                            • 23 Apr 2011

                            Super user friendly mobile. had it for a year. the only problem was that it was poorly manufactured and poorly put together, otherwise a great phone

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                              • nrt bibu
                              • vQ1
                              • 18 Jan 2011

                              very user friend mobile phone but battery backup is too short though hope to buy a new sharp gx25

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                                • vodaphone
                                • fvd
                                • 31 Dec 2010


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                                  • Ali
                                  • iIR
                                  • 22 Oct 2010

                                  i used this phone for 3 yrs...its an awesome , robust & tough phone....great handling.i remember dropping this phone from 2 nd floor....i feared for worst butit came out with just few scracthes.......the problem i couldnt use the phone was battery was running out( since it became old & needed replacemnet)...couldnt find battery and also loose contact with charger...over all one of the best phone of all time

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • pUR
                                    • 05 Oct 2010

                                    love it love it love it bril bought it 4 years ago still works fine after being throw at a wall 10 times dropped in a pool and driven over amazing amazing amazing love it

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                                      • Tshilidzi
                                      • FX1
                                      • 10 May 2010

                                      i used this fone for 6yrs ,its good and reliable.

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                                        • talent
                                        • fuL
                                        • 19 Jan 2010

                                        hi all,
                                        i just bought this phone called sharp gx25,though its a very nice phone,also i can't send an item of 11kb only pics are allowed it also has a limit.well i just all i wanna say is that since i bought this thing called phone i ave regretted using last,i gave the phone to a monkey