Sharp GX30

Sharp GX30

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  • cy

the mp3 player cant play the mp3 file.they convert many time and change bitrate also the same.

  • shannon

I heard theres going to be a SHARP GX30i is that true and whats the difference?

  • hazza

i have this phone have been using it for a little while love it was a nokia and ericsson user have a few liitle grudges like the calender, the speed at which the photos get taken, and battery life apart from that a great phone

  • Anonymous

don't expect too much airtime from those small thin batteries. keep one extra with you all the time. I have at least 5 just in case for long conversations.

  • shannon

i luv the sharp gx30 with its big buttons and great screen but ive had 2 dodgy batteries so im starting to think somethings wrong with the phone.

  • allia

where i can find it in indonesia(jakarta)? and how much that it cost?

  • getgiftsforfree

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  • Anonymous

The best cellphone I've bought so far in my life! Great workmanship and quality. I don't care about bluetooth and mp3 so it's a great phone for me! Thanks Sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alarnnah

Please help me! I have a Sharp GX30 phone and I think it's amazing but there are a few things I can't work out.
1) this site lets you download java games onto your comp ready to be transferred to your phone but where do you store the game so that it works?? I can't work out how to make it work at all! If some could help with this greatly appreciated.
2)I download mp3's to the GX30 using a sd memory card reader/writer and it works fine but how come I can't get songs from cd's to work on it? They don't show up in the mp3 only in sounds and have a small jigsaw icon why does this happen? I was told you have to make them 128kbps how do you do this?. How do I make them work?? This is totally confusing me and it's depressing that I can't use the phone to the best of its ability

Please e-mail me if you have and help and advice on this! Y=Thanks!!!

  • eddelimit

How to install games into this phonE?

  • Art

Excuse me everybody,

I meant to make the phone alert me with a sound when a voice mail is received.

Thank you,


  • Art

Hello everybody,
If any one can tell me how to alert me with sound when a voicemail is received, I will appreciate very much.

Thank you,


  • Mark

Hi eddelimit,
To make tones louder, go to Profiles, then into the options, then into personalise. The rest you should be able to figure out.

  • Mark

Hi alarnnah,

The best option for this is to purchase an SD card reader which are cheap now. This plugs straight into yr USB port. You can then drag & drop MP3 files and photos directly on to the phone or from the phone onto your PC like a drive.


  • Mark

Hi Funkamaniac, your MP3 playback is purely down to the battery life. I think it is about 4hrs or so. With a decent SD card u can hold as many tunes as you want, however MP3's CANNOT be used as ringtones, despite vodafone telling me at one point that they can.

  • Mark

Hi Harry, you can send data via blutooth on the GX30 as it is blutooth enqbled for voice only.

  • Marius

Hello!I want to buy a gx30 but i am from romania!!If someone gets here please give me a mail and tell me the price and when you get here.Bye!

  • uthish

Hey, does any one know when this phone will get to about 130-150 in the UK???
maybe christmas??

  • salaar

its a good cell but its expensive

  • tom

if it trans too many data to memory sometime crash and lag , its video camera only record two minutes?this is bad phone,i regert to buy it.