Sharp GX40

Sharp GX40

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  • Bob Bobsom
  • ppB
  • 31 Jul 2012

I like, top quality. Sharp 4 Life

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    • M.azam
    • 258
    • 28 Jun 2010

    hello sir.i have GX40,i like i very much but the softwear of the GX40 is held now plz send me the softwear of GX40.on my Email( am very very thankful to you.thankyou

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      • Moon
      • 2Tu
      • 17 Jun 2009

      i have used it and the functionality of GX40 is more better. But trouble in softwere which is not available in market and many GX 40 mobile set have been blocked due to softwere. i shall be very thankful to you in providing the softwere to all.


        • h
        • haseeb ahmed
        • PFI
        • 24 May 2009

        my gx40 set is held or blocked & i need to reinstall da software plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.

          • m
          • mudassir
          • 2Tu
          • 03 Oct 2008

          My cousin have bought this phone recently. Its indoor camera result is good.
          But sound and look is very disappointing........

            • N
            • Naveed Saad
            • 2Tu
            • 14 Aug 2008

            i have sharp GX40 and i need Software..
            please send me Link where i got it or Send me please.. anyone have can send me


              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • w9L
              • 31 May 2008

              i am for sri lanka we havent shap GX 40 software. how can got it?

                • S
                • Sn1p3r
                • n}F
                • 07 Oct 2007

                I have him... is not some special..

                  • P
                  • Peter
                  • n12
                  • 11 Aug 2006

                  will the phone ever be ready to buy?

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • MMf
                    • 21 Jun 2006

                    So my old GX20 had a disco light on the front which also served as a beacon for the camera I can't see it in the pictures... they haven't taken the disco light away have they?!

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • MSR
                      • 14 Jun 2006

                      what a dissapointment !!!!!! all that wait aswell !!!

                        • B
                        • Bertie
                        • cem
                        • 26 May 2006

                        Is this phone actually available anywhere, at all? Has it actually been made? No where seems to stock it and there are even none on eBay?

                          • M
                          • Mike
                          • iAF
                          • 05 May 2006

                          The mp3 is crap it packed up after 1 month of playing

                            • V
                            • V @ g 0 $
                            • Sjm
                            • 16 Apr 2006

                            The internal memory is about 2.5 MB. The phone though is not the best sharp could have made...

                              • H
                              • Helen
                              • n{k
                              • 30 Mar 2006

                              I am really disappointed. It a great phone in all aspects but one big problem is the memory. It has a memeory card for all your music etc but when you want to assign a couple of mp3 tunes for incoming calls it cannot use the tune from the memory card but only from the phone memory. the phone memory is so small so you are stuck with using only the default phone tunes, and you have to keep taking back and forth one tune you want to assign. The rest of the phone features are great but a big downpoint for this problem.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • PA9
                                • 07 Mar 2006

                                Finally, Sharp releases a phone with FM radio. It is a esential feature for a high-end mobile phone. I hope Sharp will contiune developing phone with radio and full bluetooth features so that we don't have to stick with Nokia and SE. Although the phone does not have a color front screen and the camera pixel is relatively low, I will consider buying it.

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                                  • Serbian Fan
                                  • S7x
                                  • 23 Feb 2006

                                  What about memory ?!

                                    • s
                                    • skater42
                                    • 2Cy
                                    • 20 Feb 2006

                                    Nope, this is it...

                                    The Market has spoken. The GX Series is a European Series, and the crowd wants cheap, affordable models with the must-have entertainment features.

                                    - Camera (1.3 Mpx it is)
                                    - MP3/AAC Player
                                    - Video
                                    - Front-Buttons
                                    - Small Handset

                                    Look for the V-Series if you want High-Class models, they will NOT disappoint.