Sharp SX862

Sharp SX862

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  • bombino

jo, 29 May 2009it says "secondary camera: yes" in the specifications. Does that... moreYes I can see small lens in the front of SX862/WX-A92 looks like front camera (just look like in my 903sh), but I dont know why in the manual it said there's only main camera in the back. We still can make video calling, in video calling opposite caller can not see my face while I can see opposite face..

  • jo

it says "secondary camera: yes" in the specifications. Does that mean you can take pictures with the inner video-call camera like the 703?? Anybody know?

  • bombino

Price drop from USD700 to USD350 for this phone (WX-A92 a.k.a SX862) in Jakarta ;)

Time to shop!

  • Mobilemaster

cellphone-expert, 08 Apr 2009i have this phone for more than 2 months... here in japan.... ... moreHow good will be the Sharp 931Sh, or the 932Sh??? Sharp is the best on Earth, this is true for sure!!! I hope they will enter in the European markets soon with such devices. I like the cycloid style very much. Maybe in 2010 in Barcelona, on the MWC they will announce great devices, like the 931 Sh. And I hope they will make these phones with Symbian!

  • cytang

i have a sharp softbank sh-920 which i bought in hong kong at the phone plaza in mon kok. i am in china now and have only just started to use it. but it is saying "get the latest provisioning and update" everytime i try to go into the menu. and if i click yes it tries to do soemthing and then says "NW info not available". also if i try and play an aac file it doesnt play it and says "not available now. please retrieve network information 1st". i've searched the internet for new firmware but cannot find anything. has anyone else come across this? any solutions? i bought the phone when they official model was not yet available in hk.

  • Anonymous

este cellphone la hace

  • keenly

kc, 13 Apr 2009Anyone know a good phone like this for the US country I only works for T-mobile, not ATT.

  • kc

id, 10 Apr 2009finnaly sharp released its phone in indonesia again....but here ... moreAnyone know a good phone like this for the US country I

  • id

finnaly sharp released its phone in indonesia again....but here this phone price(known as aquos ax92)is too expensive...almost

  • cellphone-expert

i have this phone for more than 2 months...
here in japan....
i love this phone so much..
its very exotic..
unique feeling...
its camera is grater than N96..
im lucky i live in japan..
they have the nicest phone ever..

  • Anonymous

Does sharp sx862 work properly in europe (mms , sms , internet) , does it worth to have one

  • festo

nice phone

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone in hong kong and it works fine in the UK,(vodafone sim card,pay as u go) but this is a very old japanese model(hence no wifi)
the japanese are very smart and evil,they keep all the good stuff to themselves and sell old dated phones to asia(they wont bother with the west)
its called buisness.

  • Anonymous

aka.., 24 Feb 2009coz it has no it has no wifi..ryt?WLAN = wifi =..=""

  • Kingmobile

The Japanese mobile phones are the best, is not good to not work normally a japanese phone in Europe, or in US!

  • Neeraj

very lovely phone

  • aka..

ELMER, 20 Feb 2009why no have wi fi???coz it has no it has no wifi..ryt?


why no have wi fi???

  • arch

i love the design. new to my eyes. im just curious hows this unit slide its monitor. good and unique design but i dont think so this unit can make a big bang

  • Anonymous

Bella, 06 Feb 2009i totally agree with u. i like their phones too! but i couldn't ... moreof course.........
they will go bankrupt if they open up in other markets