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Sharp TM100

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  • tima emuejevoke bilt
  • mtu
  • 16 Oct 2006

this phone is a real beauty,but i ve being going thru serious difficulty about a possible problem.this are my problems;charging port,battery,usb able and screen. no shop in big nigeria could boost of your product nor accessories.this is real not very encouraging to your fans. market viability in nigeria is near zero bcos no body we want to buy phone that is not durable

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    • Anonymous
    • iXc
    • 29 Sep 2006

    USB driver, operations manual,handset manager and modem driver for TM100

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      • chirs
      • 2IG
      • 25 Sep 2006

      hello. i realy need the driver of my mobile it is sharp T-mobile TM 100 Plz ???can u help me, http://hep me????????????????????

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        • da_bore
        • 4Bh
        • 30 Aug 2006

        Hi, I was just wondering if you can use your mp3 ringtones on this phone.
        Like for example; My friends Moto. RAZR, can use like sort of mp3 ringtone. He records a part of the song by using some sort of software and uses on his RAZR as a ringtone and you can hear music,voice ect.. with some good quality. I my question is, if I can do the same with this phone, exactly like him or if this phone even supports that format (which is i dont really know lol). Thanks !!

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          • sathish
          • in{
          • 23 Aug 2006

          hi this is sathish . i'm experiencing the same problem if you have got any means or web add plz inform me plz. i need a instalation cd for pc ir or atleast a data cable

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            • Anonymous
            • mcu
            • 30 Jul 2006

            i realy need the software for sharp T-mobile TM 100.Please can some body send me the CD cos it looks like without the CD the fon is boring. please if there is anyway of getting this from a website kindly send me the website address so i can download.

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              • chris
              • 47R
              • 27 Jul 2006

              uumm i need to know how to change that ponk bvar on da screen like when on standby becuase ive been trying to change it and i really dont know how to do it?? help me!!??!!??!!

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                • vishesh
                • 2W9
                • 14 Jul 2006

                hello. i realy need the software of my mobile it is sharp T-mobile TM 100 Plz can some body send me the CD installation to PC that i would be able to downloads many things to my phone.if there plz send it

                if u can upload it newhere on sites like wud be gr8..pls help

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                  • azzaman77
                  • Mtr
                  • 13 Jul 2006

                  pls all your opinions and experiences about TM100 battery, mail me pls..

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                    • Peihui Du
                    • T52
                    • 08 Jul 2006

                    I am the fans of Sharp mobile, so i bought a second-hand one which costed me 60 US dollors(600 RMB of China), 2 monthes ago. Because it is not supposed by chinese, but i like much,
                    but the battery is not good,it last one day in the normal use.
                    and I have the software of TM100, if you want ,you can send e-mail to inform me

                    A used from China

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                      • samuel
                      • MvV
                      • 28 Jun 2006

                      pls can you pls help me with my phone software sharpt100m, i missplace the cd pls,but am enjoying the phone coz the phone is so sweet

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                        • Faisel
                        • Tky
                        • 15 Jun 2006

                        Hmmm, looks a bit like the Sony Ericsson T610, although those phones are way past dead. I have accessorized my Nokia N70 with a Black Fascia and now it looks COOL!

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                          • tdkhoa
                          • 2IJ
                          • 30 May 2006

                          My TM100 no power. I need lcd cable and schematic of TM100. Can you help me?

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                            • Marc
                            • mws
                            • 13 May 2006

                            Just bought my TM100 last week. Sorry guys, but mine has no problem at all and really works 100% fine though I bought an unlocking cable cuz it was SIMLOCKED. :-) I already have a GX-17 and a GX-30 and now the TM100. Hey I'm gonna buy the GX-29 next week. lol

                            By the way, does anyone know handset manager who work also with COM port cable and not only with USB cable ? I've a COM port cable and the dam, SHARP HandSet manager doesn't accept COM port connection. It sux. :-(

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                              • Bilal Sidique
                              • PDQ
                              • 18 Apr 2006

                              i want to sharp tm100 compleat software

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                                • Adele
                                • mf5
                                • 17 Mar 2006

                                I' im and i think this phone is brilliant!The cambra is very good,and faster out side but i agree wi the video,not long enough!Oh and the battery.had it on charge all night,still had 2 bars in the morning!Any1 kno wot u can recieve via infared?plz

                                  • s
                                  • sophie
                                  • N7x
                                  • 13 Mar 2006

                                  The tm100 is good phone only that the video making is too short just before you get the good part it is already off so it really gets to the nerves then i can access the wallpapers,more pictures which bits my understanding ,when you record a song it cant be used as a ringtone thats not cool.but all in all i think it is a nice phone if these problems a fixed

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                                    • billy
                                    • iLS
                                    • 01 Mar 2006

                                    Find this phone not as good as sharps GX range but the camera is very good,I feel the samsung E800 is a far better slide phone,would buy one of these for spares if anyone can help or even trade for another phone

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                                      • ezra
                                      • TSR
                                      • 25 Feb 2006

                                      i's a rubbish ph!! the charger port ezly broken!!

                                        • p
                                        • pouches
                                        • pY%
                                        • 17 Feb 2006

                                        its rubbish phone the charger porrt broken and cant b fixed got 2 save up 4 a new phone. i'm onli 12