Sharp TM150

Sharp TM150

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  • Anonymous

Camera is awesome but battery timing is bad and browser settings are not avilabil

  • Salman

Camera is awesome but battery timing is bad and browser settings are not avilable

  • inneed

where can I buy a charger for car and home use. Any webs

  • Anonymous

bobbo, 20 May 2008this phone by far has the best camera of any phone i've eve... morethat is so true the camera is awesome i have the g1 n the camera isnt no where near as good as the tm150. luckly i still have my phone just in search of battery cover

  • Anonymous

I've had this since it came out. I don't even remember what year it was....but yeah, I think the inside part that you plug in the charger is loose just like other people have's a damn shame, since the only flip phones with memory card slots that t-mobile has now only come in pink and purple, wtf? anyway, I loved this phone while it worked and I'm gonna see if it is fixable. I don't want a smartphone and that's all they're making now. I prefer older models like the tm-150. The battery that came with it got messed up in a power surge so it doesn't last very long for me, I ordered a replacement battery and it wasn't any better*sigh* The browser still works for just about any site except youtube etc.

  • khalil

i had this fon 3 years ago gave by my aunt from conneticut.. yea agrre nice camera, sound ok .. however ther ribbon was damaged and sad to say no ribbon hir in the phils so i sshoot it like a ball in the trash can

  • mulindwa

anyone over there to assist me with the browser settings of this phone.

  • bobbo

this phone by far has the best camera of any phone i've ever had. I've had sidekicks, blackberrys, all kinds of phones with "good cameras"! but none come close, I love this phone! I wish it wasnt discontinued, or I'd purchase again 4 years later!

  • Absolut_Cuban

This phone as far as am concern is the best camara phone on the market. I have purchased two phones because of the quality of the camara. The pictures are large crisp clear as if they were from a digital camara. Its to bad that Sharp stoped production of this phone and its to bad that Sharp hasnt come out with a phone with such a fantastic camara. I am still searching the net Ebay,Amazon,etc to see if I can purchase another phone. "Sharp please come out with another phone with a great camara like the TM150"!!!

  • Joe

No reason to break out into a sweat if you drop this phone, it's built like a tank! I've had it for 3 years and hope it goes on forever. Screen is large enough to read without glasses and the keys are nicely spaced, cutting way down on misdials. Battery life is mediocre and it's not featherweight by any means-- a small price to pay for an otherwise great phone.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone! Had it for years. My dog has chewed on it, it has gone through the washing machine twice! and still works like new.

  • Chen

Well, I've used this phone for a bit more than 3 years now.

Great phone overall. When I first got it, I believe it was one of the more powerful camera phones.

The phone's battery life is not very impressive, thats probably because of how much i use it. All the applications run smoothly without problems. Never had the phone freeze on me ever (and I've used all of its functions). The camera lens however requires cleaning every other week or so and sometimes it can be a chore. The other downside to this phone is the fact that you must use its built in browser to download games.

I've dropped the phone many times and it still functions perfectly fine. And I must say even after 3 years this phone still has a trendy look.

Old is old though. I'm switching this phone for a new phone. Hopefully that one will last me as long as this old baby. And I will probably keep this one as an backup phone for a few years to come yet.

  • aamir

the best use is now e-mail check for me

Well al girls and guys

specially gurls

this is a gud phone but due to lack of bt its not of new age standards
i have it from last 6 months even i bought it in used but its gud by camera,i have configured my official e-mail(sync) i can check my e-mails any time if m not availaible or out of reach to my computer

strong as it was dropped very deadly many times but still nothing happened and its working

q vg display is awsum
camers is out class
much better then some 1.3 and 1.5 mp's

card is gud enough to store pictures and videos


there is a problem that download speed is not that much gud(may be due to service provider)



Battery dies out in few time if continiously goes on for messages for two hours or still for camera

O/w in the amount which i paid is just 37 US && here in Pakistan
So it not that much bad

I got one battery after long time suffering from its previous and that was just for 2.5 US Dollars


Its ur turn

  • BIRD

not a bad phone picture quality is great and font size. I can tolerate the battery service. Only fall back is the lack of speaker and bluetooth, otherwise it is an excellent phone.

  • hich

ah ah ah here members u have right all yes i have sharp gx15 but da battry is bad bad bad and tired tired .

  • vinay

well i have been using this fone for a year now
the only thing i didnt like is the battery life it's really bad if u message for 2 to 3 hrs continuosly den it dies
and the talktime is actually for me now less than 2 hrs
i dont have a charger for it but use the universal battery charger it works out gud
the camera is just awesome my friends say its better than even razr and even i feel so
but if it supported mp3 player and had a gud battery backup den i wouldn have been upgrading to se w810i
but i'll give 7/10

  • Ali

I like this phone but there are many problems in it the main problem is that when i recieve a call the speaker of this phone make a problem.If i want to sale it no one wants to buy it and the second main problem is after 6 months its camera starts making problem I WILL ADVISE YOU TO DONT BUY IT

  • Rod

I am on my second tm150 and the same problem just happend to my second as my first one. The charge insert part on the phone gets lose inside and eventually the charger wont work with it therefore cant turn it on. Ther good while they last.

  • Joey

Hi every one
i have been using my new sharp tm150 phone for about 6months now
I must say i like my phone and iam enjoying every bit of it.
Iam browsing the net with it and my service providers here is good.
I can download ring tones,games,screensaver and many more.
The phone is really good.The pictures are very clear infact it has by far the most clearest pix i have ever seen in a phone.
If anyone wanna call me on my phone dial +2348061390054

  • armin

i have had 2 tm150, love the phone but both had same issue after a while of having phone i came across charging issue. Both phones stoped charging Plug where you charge your phone became lose and it just wont charge anymore. over all good phone if you are planing on using it for a short period of time. Dont expact to last long! it wont i guarantee!