Shocking: iOS 18 lets you hide app labels on your home screen

Vlad, 11 June 2024

AI is one thing (or two, actually, since it can either mean Artificial Intelligence or Apple Intelligence, as we found out yesterday), but have you noticed how many new customization features Apple packed into iOS 18? It's almost like it wants to finally give people some Android-like choices following many, many years of "we know best".

So you can now move home screen icons wherever you want, and even - please sit down for this one - have empty spaces. On your home screen. Steve Jobs is probably rolling in his grave. But wait, there's more! The intrepid folks over at MacRumors have discovered in the first iOS 18 developer beta that you can also hide app labels from your home screens.

Shocking: iOS 18 lets you hide app labels on your home screen

So now you can look at just the app icons, without the pesky text underneath telling you what an app is. If you enable this function, the icons will grow to cover the space where the text labels used to be.

If you happen to be a developer running the new iOS 18 beta and haven't figured it out yet, here's how to enable this. Go to your home screen, press and hold on an empty area, tap Edit in the top left corner, tap Customize, and then tap the Large button, then tap anywhere on the home screen to save your changes. That's it. You will now have no written clue about which app is which anymore.


Reader comments

Delusional much. I hope you get the help you sorely need, shill.

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Jun 2024
  • vak

Looks as ugly as the pallet thing lol

I think he was joking

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