Siemens A35

Siemens A35

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  • M11
  • 8pA
  • 15 Nov 2023

My first mobile phone. Unfortunately I lost it back in 2003.

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    • EJ
    • 3hN
    • 27 Mar 2023

    I forgot all about my first phone, and decided to go searching for it by looking through pictures of all the old phones. Recognized it immediately! I know it was either this one A35 or the C35, but I'm almost certain it was this one. It must have been sometime in 2002 that I got it. One of my parents gave me this so I could keep in contact after school when I was just starting to stay at home after school by myself. I actually didn't use it much and was embarrassed to be seen in public with it, because many people had much cooler looking phones at the time. Then I got a Nokia 3510i not that long after, then a Nokia 3200, and then finally a Sony Ericsson K700i. That was all the feature phones I had before I got my first touchscreen symbian phone Nokia 5800 in 2009 and entered the smartphone era.

      The very first phone I used in my life 😍

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        • Tia
        • fCK
        • 21 Jul 2019

        I had a siemens a35

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          • Riju
          • fCK
          • 21 Jul 2019

          I have a sirmens a35 sadly it never worked due to old

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            • OR
            • Y6X
            • 06 Jan 2019

            The best phone I have ever owned!!!!! ))))))))

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              • Anonymous
              • sr$
              • 28 Feb 2018

              I have this phone locked on T-Mobile DE. Can someone tell me how can I unlock it?

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                • AnonD-662849
                • N9N
                • 16 Nov 2017

                I had a Siemens A35. Sadly it never worked

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                  • AnonD-700859
                  • PSc
                  • 16 Sep 2017

                  I have used this phone from 2003 to 2009. It was the one of best phone I have ever used.

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                    • jinihub
                    • K6u
                    • 19 Oct 2015

                    The best ever phone, Nice reception, But once you receive call, it won't save number, several time i have to say people, please give miss call once again so that i can save the number. they wonder, I call and why this guy asking for again miss call, 16 SMS memory was a lot and 128 People Phone book, when only 64 Contact was filled. Ring also. te te teen teeennn... green light, Some one asked, is it back light or LED?, I found it a LED, now entire display is LED. 16 Ringtones, Poliphonic was some thing only for smart phone, three blue color battery cell, and solid design.,

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                      • AnonD-404660
                      • pp}
                      • 09 Jun 2015

                      Doryne, 06 Jun 2014I need this phone. where can I get it. Used it before. It w... moreI have this phone from 2003 and it is working

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                        • goran
                        • pp}
                        • 09 Jun 2015

                        Doryne, 06 Jun 2014I need this phone. where can I get it. Used it before. It w... moreI have this phone from 2003

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                          • Doryne
                          • fnk
                          • 06 Jun 2014

                          I need this phone. where can I get it. Used it before. It was my 1st phone. smart phones have really disappointed me

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                            • niten
                            • KAC
                            • 15 May 2014

                            its my first mobile phone i purchesd it 2nd hand on 2300 Rs on 2001.

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                              • Ashish
                              • MHx
                              • 08 Oct 2013

                              It was our first phone, worked great dont remember what happened to it. but just loved it.

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                                • Yo
                                • swm
                                • 15 Sep 2013

                                My first mobile. I dont know where it is :\

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                                  • Kirill
                                  • 6tN
                                  • 16 Jun 2013

                                  This phone still works good. If you need battery for this phone (original battery is: 650 mAH, Ni-MH type) you can easily disassemble your old battery and buy three AAA size Ni-MH batteries and then solder them instead of your old batteries. AAA size batteries will fit into the case of your old battery. I recommend buying only Panasonic Evolta or at least Sanyo Eneloop batteries and only Ni-MH AAA size batteries with Low Self-Discharge (LSD). Capacity of these LSD batteries is lower, than of batteries without LSD, but the actual capacity will be much higher because of LSD. When you assemble your A35 battery with new AAA batteries inside don't forget to solder thermistor back, or your phone won't change the new battery. If you believe, that in your old battery three old AAA batteries are good (but the whole battery works bad), then try to exchange thermistor (good thermistor must be approximately of 22 kOhms at room temperature - you can easily check it with any multimeter): it is a small electronic component with two contacts - instead of it you can solder any small resistor of average 22 kOhms, such resistors can be found in almost any electronic equipment. After you have changed thermistor with resistor (only if it is necessary), never try to charge your mobile phone at the temperatire below +5 or above +40° Celsis. If you have a choice of chargers for you mobile phone, it is always better to choose so called "slow" chargers instead of"quick" chargers - "quick" chargers damage batteries and significantly shorten battery life.

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                                    • prashant
                                    • t}k
                                    • 06 Mar 2013

                                    still iam using as backup...
                                    everybody like there first mobile phone

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                                      • CLAYA
                                      • fr9
                                      • 01 Feb 2013

                                      91keno, 27 Sep 2011Haha! I'm just thinking lol look at this old phones, and lo... morei still love this phone and i want one again.....

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                                        • AnonD-44317
                                        • 0UH
                                        • 26 Jul 2012

                                        My first mobile phone :) Good times, good times