Siemens A40

Siemens A40

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  • Anonymous

I love this phone,i want to buy.but how I don't know.

  • Nope

Katie OLeary, 23 May 2004Happy with the phone but am trying to find out if it has GPRSIt doesn't have GPRS

  • Junkiemkd

my very first phone,still have it and still works like new

  • lukkira

its my first mobile. miss u

  • aissamov

me too mr cleiton my first mobile a40

  • Cleiton

My very first mobile phone! I still have it, but of course, doesn't work anymore.

  • Anonymous

Robin, 12 Feb 2005I would like to buy a manual on the A40 Siemans, where woul... moremy hubby bought me a siemens A40,3/4yrs ago by clicks
and has been an asset,great phone,overseas call very
clearly picking up very good,better than other phones
latedly,i had to charge the phone,maybe needs a new
battery? where can i purchase a new batter?we lives
in the northwest,near rustenburg,loves this phones
how can i send out more than 20 text messages,only
allow 18text messages at a time? please reply,Yvonne

  • Larayne

My one phone *-*
i'm 10 years *-*

  • Joel

Gareth, 11 Jul 2006I have had this phone for over 3 months now I got it off my... morethis is one of the world worstphone don't buy it!

  • Anoniem

thomas, 14 Sep 2006Hi there i own a simens a40 Mobile phone and i would just l... moreTake the button 1

  • thomas

Hi there i own a simens a40 Mobile phone and i would just like to know what keys you have to use to space the lettering when sending a sms text to some one. now if any one could help me could they please e-mail me at my e-mail address as i would be very great full if any one could shed some light on my subject thanks. from thomas

  • Gareth

I have had this phone for over 3 months now I got it off my brother who never used it. It's great because I only need to call people. Who cares if you can't download "ringtones" I don't like them. They infect your phone and there not reliable I hate ringtones. My brothers got a Motorola now so i own my Siemens A40 and will keep it.

  • Alex

I think it's a great phone i got one for my son and he loves it so it's not WOO but GREAT

  • Fiona

this phone is poo, it should have a smaller screen and polys and mp3 playback with 23bytes of memory and infra red. woo!!!

  • Nathan

I find this phone the best first phone ever...i wish this was my first phone...i traded my 3310 for this phone off a friend (i got another 3310 later on anyway) found this phone last year and i lost charger so i cant test it. but i can honestly say, its the best basic phone ever

  • Robin

I would like to buy a manual on the A40 Siemans, where would i obtain one.

  • Bob

How do i get ringtones and if so wht web site?

  • Anonymous

can u giv me any ringtones Plz

  • Chloe

I cannot find any ringtones or downloadable features for my phone please help me

  • Cube

Oh, come on, it's a bottom line budget communicator, for crying out loud! There is no GPRS, WAP, GAMES, DOWNLOADABLE ANYTHING, EMS, or organizer type functions! It was designed to keep you in touch. That's it's main purpose. Interchangeable covers are just to keep you from committing suicide. My sister had one (12 years old) and after 4 months gave it away. It's perfect for the purpose it is intended. And if anyone paid more than the equivelant of a $65 for it ever, you've wasted your money.