Siemens A51

Siemens A51

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  • Tsubasa

my gate to enter the world of telecommunication ......thank you ^^

  • Shashi

looking good

  • Arun Singh

My first phone. loved it......a lot of old memories with it.

  • Arghya

My First phone

  • Anonymous

My first phone:)

  • Mahmoud

It is my first mobile phone Siemens A51

Nokia 7610 Second
Nokia 5800 Express Music Third
Samsung s duos 2 Fourth

  • Dan

3G not working

  • imtiaz

the most amazing phone of was my 2nd mobile day it dropped from my hand ob construction dropped from 3rd floor,but nothing also dropped on water than i take off it's battery,than dry.after applying the worked.i am using this mobile at is my favorite mobile phone ever

  • Anonymous

nick, 10 Aug 2009...ds was my 3rd fone back in high school...its a good fon,d onl... morei bout a new battery for my A70 fone, but he gave me battery for this fone A51, r they the same or i find conflict while putting it into my A70 ?

  • nick

...ds was my 3rd fone back in high school...its a good fon,d only thing is,if u tend to overuse it,itll give u a sharp beeping sound wyl receiving a call....i threw it accidentally during my algebra class...hahaha

  • faiz

Dipa, 04 Jun 2009my first phone :)Siemens is my first mobile and nice set.

  • Anonymous

my frist phone bad battery

  • Anonymous

first ever phone and is the phone everyone should start with it gives mobiles a good name washed it and droped it many many many times and it works brilliantly until i left it out one snowy christmas:(

  • Dipa

my first phone :)

  • zain

boss phone

  • bina

this is my dad's first and last mobile. it's stil working great and looks new :D

  • the one

i have that phone but its A55.....its cool .....i droop it all the time but he is ok.......i even vash him vith the laundry............on 95`c

  • abaza

i have like it but tipe siemens A55 so its my frist mobile. mybe i dont have problem with it

  • Greek

It was my first Siemens and my best! The best for the money i gave!
I did a fulish thing to give it to my sister...
R.I.P. my Red Simens

  • siemensfanXX

pretty awesome for its time. hasnt broke. great games