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Siemens A52

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  • Raptor

My first phone in 2003 when i was in college, it was kinda funky that time as it was white and looked odd. It would slip from my hands easily but never broked. I remember how my crush loved it the first time she saw. I might still have it in my attic.

  • indresh sharma

I have this phone but it has a software issue. How can i update software on this A52 as it is very old..???

  • Omar Salam Sumon

I have a A52 and it's still working, I've been using from the year of 2003. It's great phone.

  • AnonD-176625

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2011I also facing same problem.........Unlock it by going to a cellphone store... My nokia 5800 had the same problem and it was solved:)

  • jess

how can I disabled the phone code of my A52

  • KenD

Princocelo, 07 Sep 2011My siemens a52 is locked how i get the code. My imei: 3536... moreI have a siemens mobile A52. Belonged to my late wife
Hasent been used for a year.

needs release code to get it working again

  • Anonymous

I'm still using this phone today. I need to squeeze the phone a little to make the microphone work (since it was drowned).
Cut the adapter cable, and soldered a USB-connector so I can charge it with any USB (car) charger.

  • Princocelo

Wina, 06 Sep 2009How to open the blocked of phone code y?My siemens a52 is
locked how i get the
code. My imei:

  • AnonD-14085

i still have it working with me so simple so cute so many memories still love siemens phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2011My phone code blocked. how can i solve the problem?I also facing same problem.........

  • Anonymous

My phone code blocked. how can i solve the problem?

  • mtyynL

la chica sueca, 02 Sep 2008Does anyone know how to activate a new sim-card on this phone?humm you need to contact your wireless provider and give them your new sim card number (20 digits printed in sim card and begins with 89xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)., oh and by the way the sim card must be new (no usage with old numbers) and also must be of the same wireless provider that you are using currently in phone, if you want to change of wireless provider and use same device first must check if device is unlocked

  • Wina

How to open the blocked of phone code y?

  • Anonymous

This phone is really durable! I had it since early 2004. It is still in perfect working condition! Probably my fave phone so far. Wonder what do these phones have that the new phones nowadays dun have that allow them to last for so long. Perfect score for durability!

  • Anonymous


  • ahmad

Abilan, 05 Mar 2007I am using my A52 phone sice 2003, Till yesterday it worked prop... moresiemens call berred

  • abhijit

Does any one know hw to change the settings to save the outgoing messages on the A52 model?

  • eduardo

This phone was just designed TOO well! Solid built, compact, sleek design. I am STILL using mine, at least 5 years after I got it. It cost me about US$15. Love the ring tones, the menu, I dropped it many, many times. I lost it in a field for a week. Original Battery still good. I get great sound quality, and the menu is far better thought out than some other brands I have, even as far as inputing phone numbers. The keypad is great. I use the calculator often as it's a sinch. Pity Siemens is not sold here anymore as I would like to upgrade.
People ask when I'm going to buy a better phone, but I don't want a clunky-looking phone that only last 6 months.

  • la chica sueca

Does anyone know how to activate a new sim-card on this phone?

  • Sydney de Cruz

I'm from India. I bought this second hand Siemens phone 3 years back and its built/served very well. Some of the new phones get brain dead when they fall. Sadly they dont sell Siemens phones in India now. Though it has limited features(NO GPRS)and the battery spares are limited id recommend this product