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Siemens A65

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  • AnonD-406256
  • nmM
  • 21 Jul 2017

Was left outside for almost year survived water and snow, only the battery died. Very durable phone.

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    • Anonymous
    • M%j
    • 10 Nov 2016

    hold the red (hang up) button for 3-4 seconds

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      • anonymous
      • amH
      • 27 May 2015

      my granddaughter just been given Siemens A65. Can somebody tell her hpw to switch on please?

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        • CIps
        • 0Ua
        • 01 Feb 2013

        dr_88, 14 Jun 2012can receive texts but can't send any. any suggestions----m... moreCheck message center number for sending messegess

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          • dr_88
          • Yci
          • 14 Jun 2012

          can receive texts but can't send any.
          any suggestions----much appreciated.

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            • Rhey
            • t7D
            • 09 Jan 2011

            I am looking for a solution to my A65 could not connect to any network here in the Philippines....What should i do with these phone?

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              • Pavel
              • L2v
              • 15 Oct 2010

              Nice phone I was using over 4 years. So sad that it died.

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                • Anonymous
                • j01
                • 08 Oct 2010

                Geisink, 26 Sep 2010 I am looking for a driver to connect my Siemens A65 Mobile... moreI still have the Siemens Data Suite for my M55 phone (now in "cold storage"). The zipped file is about 33 MB. If you want it, please let me know where (website) you want it uploaded to (I don't think email will work).

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                  • Geisink
                  • 0st
                  • 26 Sep 2010

                  I am looking for a driver to connect my Siemens A65 Mobile phone to my PC with the
                  DCA-500 RS232 cable.
                  Who can help me ????????

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                    • dimcho
                    • nuZ
                    • 14 Sep 2010

                    Still up and running after all these years.

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                      • Jo Jo
                      • nxI
                      • 23 Aug 2010

                      ive ended up dropping the siemens A65 and totally smashed the inside screen the phone itself is fine i just cant see problem is that ive been getting texts and even when i have put the sim into my new phone it must have saved them onto that phone, i really need to get them as its a work phone has all my contacts and those messages i need. is there a way of getting them? or can some one send me what button does what so i can guess what im pressing and then forward them to my new number? please please help me!! i just need to know i get from main screen to my inbox then how far i scroll down on options to get to forward!!

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                        • frances
                        • mZ9
                        • 17 Jul 2010

                        Anonymous, 02 Oct 2009very basic, not many features but it is the most rugged and... moreI agree totally!!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 45$
                          • 02 Oct 2009

                          very basic, not many features but it is the most rugged and reliable phone I have ever owned. while other phones come and go in my home this is the one everyone relies on when theres breaks. battery lasts for days. if you want a phone just to make and receive calls with no fancy stuff....this is virtually impossible to beat

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                            • Taryn
                            • MpQ
                            • 27 Aug 2009

                            Shedy, 23 Apr 2007My siemens a65 has developed a problem. when i try to put ... morehei shedy,
                            am glad that there is someone out there wit the same problem that i experienced just a week ago. did you get yourz fixed? mine is having the same problem and since i use the phone everyday every contact i have is on the phone head, do you know how i can fix it

                            please help. cheers

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                              • Anonymous
                              • MpQ
                              • 27 Aug 2009

                              ive been using ma phone for the last four years and just a week ago i woke up one morning to a text message and while i was textin back, it just turned itself off, it just seems to flash off wen i try to switch it back on, i need help coz i have alot of contacts on the phone head and would like to get it fixed. can anione out there help me with the software i could use to get it back working if only for a few hours....
                              ma e-mail add is

                              i will be glad for ani help

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                                • dadcos
                                • ATs
                                • 25 Aug 2009

                                Please i have a problem with my siemens A65.It doesn't work by a problem in the software(the battery is good).
                                In the past i had again that problem but i had the assurance and the fixing it was free, now i haven't it and i want to find the software to reinstall it from my computer.If anybody can help me please sent me an email to .Thank you!

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                                  • rafens
                                  • ftN
                                  • 21 Aug 2009

                                  I'd like to connect my phone into my compruters, but it no run exactly, can you help me to resolve it!?? please write me to:

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                                    • Rosie
                                    • 0Fw
                                    • 04 Jul 2009

                                    This phone is amazing. I've had it for three years and even when my friends have got bluetooth and cameras on their phone, I can't bring myself to get a new one. It's been dropped loads and it has survived!

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                                      • cips
                                      • 0Ua
                                      • 16 Jun 2009

                                      The camera is around 10$ 640x480 with flash. I have one. My a65 is 3.5 yr old and battery is stay for 3-4 days(calling about 30min/day). The main problem is unlockig for me. The best phone ever

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • upq
                                        • 18 Mar 2009

                                        can anyone tell me da price ov tha camera attached wid it????