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Siemens AF51

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  • Anonymous

very nice for a lady..but...after 1 year I can tell you that
1. the phone shuts down inexplicably...
2. battery life poor...a maximum of 2 days in light exploitatition-conditions, worsening when vibration on and secondary display on
3 strange behaviour in sms receiving- cannot find it, cannot get rid of the message roll-up on the main screen
4. other minor problems...

  • jaka sembung

my memory hP was broken how i could fix it?

  • Grant D

Q: How can I change language from Chinese to English for text entry for Address & Phone directories?

I bought AF51 as a simple unlocked phone for travel in Europe, and have used it for 4-5 years in England, Ireland, Italy, France & Austria with cheap local SIM cards. Began using as only cell phone in US & Europe for cheap T-Mobile prepaid service about 3 years ago. Because it's beginning to show wear & lose batter power, I purchased another AF51 via eBay from Hong Kong. It arrived with Chinese SIM card, and programed only in Chinese language. I've changed language preference in Setup > Display > Language and > Text Input, but I still can't eliminate the T9 text entry at header when entering new addresses and phone entries. When I use number keyboard it only gives me Chinese characters to enter. I'm seeking help via eBay seller, and have read manual, without success. Help if you can. Thanks, Grant D

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone.You say that it shuts down whenever it wants-this is not true for my AF51.I used it for an year and it hasn't done that even once.I think that for this phone the battery is good-I was recharching the phone every 5-6 days,which is normal for me.


question : does any one know how can i get back the vibration? vibration mode just went ! no reason for it ! plz reply me on zamin_vatan@yahoo cell phone keep shtuing off when ever ot lkes !
the screen keeps freezing for no reason..

  • rock44

bad battery...two hours only..


i have 3 problems about this phone. it keeps shuting off for no reason. people sends me a text of a picture i can't reteive it. the manuel is not helpful at all. this phone is garbage.the sad part is theres no one to contact in the usa about it. thanks for nothing.

  • LeeLoo

I like the compact and smart design. Very simple, stylish phone.. but.. two problems.
1)it sometimes shuts off for no apparent reason when I'm for ex. saving phone numbers.
2)I set the ringtone on highest volume and it's very loud. But when it rings (sandwich closed) it's like the speaker is covered and you barely can hear it ringing. (missed a lot of calls this way)

  • Ario

I have 2 problems with my new AF51:
1)sometimes suddenly shut down during receiv & saving phonebook from others cell
2)If battery meters low, the time on 2nd display doesn't change until open & close the phone

How about yours?

  • Ami

I have a Siemens AF51 ad I am very pleased of his performance and style. The batery lasts 2 days if u keep the GPRS activated and dinamic light set to wave/blink for any new action. Charge the battery with phone switched off for at least 2H. U will see the diference.

  • mike

At this price you should expect a simple and functional phone but you'll get an complicated and stupid menu, weak battery, unstable software! We are waiting apologies Siemens!

  • luis

The incoming sms notification sound is truly annoying. Can someone PLEASE, tell me how to shut it off without doing that for all rings and tones at the same time?

  • Samnazarite

The is just lacks basic functions.the battery is weak.

  • Anonymous

Bought this phone 2 months ago. Have been considerin sellin it from day two... Maybe it is pretty, copact n all, but as far as functionality and solidity go, it's a definite no-no! The menu is tacky n complicated, the ringtones suck big time n the wallpapers are horrid! The only nice feature is the LED light and maybe the design - sweet n smart. Don't get misled by its deceptive looks, get somethin more sturdy n user-friendly, like Nokia, for example :)

  • luky

weak signal?..bad batteries?
you're unlucky my friend
mine AF51 is as good as heaven
the only weakness maybe it likely shutting down for no reason

  • Anonymous

The operation system lacks basic functions like omitting the initial Aircraft Check proceedure or on/off audio music. I wanted a basic phone but would not recommend AF51.

  • James

Forgot to mention that the antenna is very weak, have to wander around trying to get signal when in my office, something I never did with my A55. The AF51 just can seem to get good signal once your inside a building.

  • James

Bought this phone last week for US$75.00. Not a great phone at all compared to my trusty Siemens A55!
Loved the A55, lasted me three years. Have had the AF51 for a week and: it keeps shutting down for no reason, battery lasts about 28 hours (thats on standby with no talking, just ten sms's). Apart from this, its an attracctive phone and fun to use. Just wish it were more reliable and the battery didnt die after such a short time even when I'm not really using the phone!

  • Anonymous

How dare they sell that for $150??

  • BG

With 49 euro, what you expect from AF 51?. It's small... like the price. You need bluetooth, MP3 player, camera.... then you should buy Sony Ericsson W880i!