Siemens AL21

Siemens AL21

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This is by far the smallest display of a slider phone I've ever seen.

  • Djonny

I need the ringtones from Siemens AL21. Please help me. My mail is

  • Anonymous

I have had a terrible experience with Siemens Products. Their after-sales customer service is terrible in India at least.

If you want satisfactory after-sales service I would advise you not to opt for Siemens.

  • ratih r. putri

Shrav, 19 Jul 2011I have a Semien C10 mobile same but i am unable to find it ... moreThere is siemens battery seller in indonesia, you can get it here if you want. :) i know who sell it here, but not for the mobile phone seller. The battery seller only

  • vinay

plz come back siemens its time to return once again because every body is trying there best to get their hold back the SEIMENS was the one who ever lead the technologies plz for god sake!

  • Nokia N8 user

Shrav, 19 Jul 2011I have a Semien C10 mobile same but i am unable to find it ... moreLook at, or by email contact to Siemens co.

  • Shrav

I have a Semien C10 mobile same but i am unable to find it BATTERY plz suggest me where do i get its BATTERY in INDIA (HYDERABAD)plz its urgent i am searching for it since 1year I LOVE IT becoze it is our FIRST PHONE plz plz plz plz help out me about this friends i will never forget that person who helps me in this....

  • cobra

it is $399 in bmobile and no bluetooth and card slot

  • MackyDoc

Did siemens discontinue creating phones ?

  • Olaf

Guys, this is a great phone. Had a Sony-Ericsson and Motorola before with all the gimmiks that I actually did not use. The loud speaker were horrible on those, especially in the Sony-Ericcson.
There are people out there that do not waste time with texting (stupid, cost more than calling and it takes longer), making pics (stupid, why not using a 10 MP camera with best quality) or listen to music (for dreamer).

This phone is the best I ever owned. Love it. Its small, great loud speaker, all basic features one need. Battery lifetime about 10 days.

by the way: siemens does not produce cell phones anymore (profit margin too small). They sold it > good smart move. Well, I still work for Siemens (400.000 employess world wide).Great company!

a german dude

  • Peter

julia, 29 May 2009anyone know how to change the language to english on the ph... moreIf you want to set the UI language to English on a Siemens phone, then key *#0001#

*#0000# for automatic (based on SIM) language
*#0049# for German
*#0033# for French
*#0852# for HK Chinese

They are based on international dialing code padded to 4 digits with '0' - obviously a code will only work if the phone has that language in the firmware, but all firmware packages have English.

  • julia

anyone know how to change the language to english on the phone? i have been working on this for about a week now.....please help!!!!

  • Mike

vinay, 21 Apr 2009what is the use of this phone......i dont know understandTheres nothing to understand, this phone was realised in 2005. This is an old phone. Siemans mobile phone division doesn't exist anymore, so relax & rest your brain...

  • vinay

what is the use of this phone......i dont know understand

  • Denz

This phone sucks in fact Siemens phones suck...The battery they use is very poor every 3 months u gotta change them cause they can't take charge anymore....max talk time 1 hour then you have to charge it again...It true you can now take the phone of the charger an talk an hour you have to charge it

  • Anonymous

siemens is a gone case now.

  • Anonymous

vasatec, 27 Oct 2006can anyone tell me wich country manufacture's siemens?Germany.

  • Anonymous

I hace used Siemens for the last 5 years and i woild not even think of onother model,
My rerequest is a siemen 3G modelon the market more preferably the latest model
Thank you

  • Anonymous

I have a lot of problems with this phone. It does not seem to work at all and now it tells me that my network has been blocked locally when i can get it to work will someone please help me :(