Siemens C35

Siemens C35

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  • Jkn

My first phone

  • Nazmul

First Phone of my father. Noltalgic

  • Sameer

My first phone ever
Bought in 2001

Limited number of contracts 😊
10 recent calls log ðŸĪŠ

Hence it was a nostalgic machine

  • Foyaz


My first cell phone ever! I bought with my firstmonth salary 😁😁 sweet memories in early 2000's

  • NAM3396DAE18654

This is my first mobile phone way back 2011 I think. :)

  • cool guy

Hankson, 19 Mar 2017How to unlock Siemens C35? use a key

  • Hankson

How to unlock Siemens C35?

  • Anonymous

i have siemens c35,, kondition is okay,, do you want?

  • steevan

can i buy right now c35

  • sanjay patil

cam I buy it right now?

  • suman

I want to by C35. can I?

  • Suzon

Is this available now? I want to back that image :)

  • Hossein

I Love This Phone, had it in 2001!!!!!!!! Amazing....

  • raihan

i want a simense c53 set. it is possible

  • Kustafa Meser

It was my second cell phone. I used it from 2002-2004. (I was eleven in 2002) But i love my first, it was Alcatel OT300

  • Anonymous

I bought an old Siemens c35 at a flea market, bought a new battery for it and have been using it for several months now. I am very happy with it. It's small and the build quality is far superior to the new phones on the market.

  • William zeng

I need its data cable, or how to build a "original" data cable by myself.
I find all of the "DIY" data calbe is not useful to me. Only the original data cable can send and receive "AT" command correctly.
Somebody pls help me.

  • Ahmed Salama

My second phone after C25 it was the best in the market these days among Moto, Nokia and Alkatel, I still remember the animated graphics specially the dog when search for network

  • samynirvana

This is my first mobile phone, and I've been upgrading this phone to JellyBean 4.2 since last month.