Siemens C45

Siemens C45

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  • Ekoadiwidodo

My first phone, i bought it at February 2004 in second hand. I love the screen colour, the orange one. A though phone n friendly users. I use it few month

  • Aaliyah

Cannot wait to get this phone next week!!!

My first phone too. I have nice memories with this phone ...

  • tamakloe Clem

my first phone and my love

  • Lee

I had this phone too, bring back the tiny phones with WAP!

  • Reuben

My first mobile too, got it brand new, my mum still uses hers nearly 18 years on

  • eko adi widodo's my first phone mobile, i bought it in about February 2004 :)

  • Abd

My first phone, way back in 2003, miss it

  • Kimani

Very nice little phone. Had one like 10 years ago, had used it for 5 and passed it on to my son. Still miss it!

  • AnonD-545845

:D oh my old buddy. I had him when i was 17. Too much memories......:D ....texting to chicks....crazy party calling....balloon shooter, stack attack...I remembered the analogue clocks on him and those little graphic arrow telling you, that you have sms :D gosh :D

  • gchemel

Do you remember the RABBIT phone system where you had to find a RABBIT STATION to use your RABBIT mobile?!

After that I bought a C45 - as soon as it appeared on the market.
I'm not complaining now after countless yesrs service having to spend £5 to replace the battery (for the first time).

Thank you, whoever designed this tough, workmanlike and charming little mobile phone.

  • AnonD-34390

Battery Ni-MH 550 mAh

  • Mike Orme

I want another battery. Not sure where to get one from.

  • Anonymous

why it wont stay on while charging

  • Anonymous

Lazo, 11 Oct 2011My C45 is switched off. When I try to switch on, after requ... moreBattery, replace it.

  • prathik

this was my first phone and it was a very user friendly and robust phone.i have now kept it for display in the show case

  • Lychei Knox

Only one phone better than this is S25.

  • Lazo

My C45 is switched off. When I try to switch on, after request to CONFIRM SWITCH ON, on the screen appears some duck and, and then it dies. WHat is the problem?

  • Anonymous

I've just bought a 'new' one on ebay for £7! Had my other one for years and finally died yesterday when the LCD screen broke (although phone still works!!) when i dropped it for the 1000'th time! Such a robust phone and polymer battery lasts for a week...i love it. *smiles*

  • Anonymous

My 3rd phone. Still working (but a lot of dead pixels and few buttons not working as they should).