Siemens C60

Siemens C60

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  • Cisco Engineer

Sebastian, Siemens has great design and features now.. you will get a great price in C60, with great feature and technology. Ericsson? Can you call your friend with it? :)

  • M55 User

Koli - I believe M55 is more expensive than C60. Because M55 has a bigger memory. Overall, they are good =)

  • koli

I wonder witch phone will be most expensive Siemens M55 or Siemens C60

  • Tumi Ivo

You die without using siemens you have missed something great. Looking forward to get one for myself.

  • Cris Io

Especially to Mr. "Sebastian Ene",
If U R still thinking in that very moment (2003) that Ericsson GF768 is still a phone and not a REFRIGERATOR, U R dead wrong !!!
By the way if your demands from a mobile phone are only TALK from it, please do not bother to post another message (or massage), just buy a non-expensive high class JAR, from you can TALK and be sure that you will hear nothing except your own stupidity; then just kill yourself!
To be honest I trust Siemens and C60 will be my next mobile, C series being as everyone knows middle price, well designed and equipped !!!
P.S. As far as I know 60 series was developed together by Nokia and Siemens !

  • haryo

wow.. far by comparison, siemens is the most reliable handset maker than nokia with their fashion statement phones (aside from 9210) and sonyericsson with their missing identity (and sometimes missing signal reception)

with a low end model we can get far more technology than a low end nokia phone.

  • R.E.M.

The Siemens C60 WON'T be expensive...

  • Sebastian Ene

It's a very, very expensive&good phone, but it's more fashion than useful, because Ericsson GF768 is a very tiny phone, and u can talk, that's the main purpose of the phone, am I right? It is not supposed to have a refrigerator or to make u a massage, it only should be able to be "talkative"! So, succes is buying this mobile, i surely wouldn't, because, if I buy a phone, i would buy it ONLY to TALK from it!