Siemens C62

Siemens C62

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  • P/H

1)C62 is good phone?
I read in the internet that it is overall fragility!
???? TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY ????
2)Second choise is Panasonic G60.
This is better?
???? TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY ????

  • Sadia

Excellent Phone*********************

  • janndvorakk

Could anyone send me a (link to) firmware w/ java, when it's available, please?

  • Lydia

Just bought siemens c62,it looks cool but the the ringertones is too low;any suggestions for improvement?

  • rizwan

Guide me about the vibration mode,How can i activate vibration?

  • mickey

great phone but why did they forget JAVA.

  • william

This is where I kinda disagree with you Callista. Siemens arent't a shitty manufacturer making crappy phones. In fact, being a Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Siemens user, I take insult to that. I have used SL10/SL45i/S35/ME45/S45/S55/SX45 and am waiting for the U15. I currently own 2 Nokias, one for my work (9210i) and one for pleasure, the 6600 (although still for work). It's safe to say the only major manufacturers I don't like are Motorola and Samsung, but after all these years of using the three major European brands, I find Siemens efficient and adeqaute, true some designs are of question but it's true what the dingbats say about German phones. No one matches Germans for quality mobile phones. The only Siemens phones I hate are the MC60/A60 and all of the Xelibri counterpart range. Hey, Siemens isn't the 2nd name next to Nokia on this site without a reason you know and check the stats on this site and every other sites before you German phone haters start bashing Siemens. About the car issue, yes Siemens shares the same names with German counterparts Mercedes CL55/S55/SL55. But that's it, it's not going to take over BMW/Merc/Audi/Porshce.

  • Anonymous

Well done, Siemens

  • gggggg

i bought one 2day!! but found great difficulty in ascertaining vibration mode but's it's kewell the colour is swave

  • Callista

Yoshi, dear, I know that well, thank you very much. That's one thing why I'm not familiar with those brands. And yes, I know that every brand has its 3rd party manufacturer. But there's no other brand but Siemens says "hey, that's a cool fone, buy it, it's Siemens" and the only thing what's Siemens is the label and the marketing campaign. That's not a nice thing to do... What abou tese comments on the ST60 forum: "...a kick ass high quality German product" "Germans are good at making hi-tech gadgets and phones as much as they are with cars!" Hehe. German product.

  • Yoshi

Every brand has their own 3rd party manufacturer.. Nokia and SE have their own third party manufacturers! So Callista, you are not updated with the current market.. wake up from your stupid dream and shut up! This phone has a very reasonable price and I'm a very happy customer! =)

  • Callista

Review here:­en.shtml Btw, only the sw and the design is Siemens, it's Made in Hungary (where I live), and the battery, display, and harware is from Ericsson. ST55 and ST60 is Korean. Siemens realized, that they're making shitty phones by themselves.

  • Nale

just great but no java!

  • novia

nice fone, specially the red one. but no exchangeable cover?

  • Anonymous

The comming firmware versions will have java...

  • Anonymous

huh!! no java!!!

  • WoraZ

I couldnt understand, what attracts u on this phone.. I think It Sucks too.. There r many phones that have tri-band, 4096 color :)) (!), and ther things written above there.. There r some of u, love every phone and I dont understand why!

  • Anonymous

Hellooo.. GSMARENA wake up this phone is available...

  • raptor

keys r too hard to press and extremly slow veiwing of images etc...

  • Hoykeydokey

Great phone. Better display than MC60 but no java. :-(