Siemens C65

Siemens C65

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  • Mashiur Rahman

My first phone, love always

  • Black

My first phone!

  • Siemens Fans

This is my first color phone

My first Siemens phone and with colour display :)

  • Anonymous

I played Bubble Boost and Stack Attack Advanced till the phone broke :( Miss this phone :D

  • Shyam

My first phone, make me nostalgic...

  • joseph malta

i cannot make speed dial..any help please

  • Anonymous

I used this phone in 2005.It had some really good ringtones such as Warren G and some good games such as Bubble Boost.

  • thayumanaswamy.n

i need a c65 battery ,please tell ware to buy, replay me

  • Igwe Princewill

please mine is good and working.But the battery is dead.I need a battery.


  • Anwer

mine still working, feeling lucky

  • Ksenovadim31

AnonD-125044, 16 Mar 2013missed my first phone. .sorry dad, i've lost first phone...lost it...*sigh* childhood

  • Anonymous

My mobile siemens c65 but it not opend what reasons

  • AnonD-125044

missed my first phone. .sorry dad, i've lost it.

  • lei

for short battery span converting battery to 860mah working smoothly and last to 3 days :p

  • hepmad

my first mobile. I think it was best.

  • MAGO

oohoohhoh remember it phone...was and wil my best phone....

  • hotrodnealy

This phone is actually great. I had a phone like this about 3 years ago. But i have used it for 4 years and its amazing that it didn't require me to have a maintaainance for this phone. But its battery life is so short that i have to charge it every 5 hours. TAKE NOTE: without using it!! But this phone is so good..I like to have one again..:))

  • Ryan

I actually own one, well the CV version, first time I got it was in 2004 and it still works pretty well, the only issue I had with it was the short life spam of the battery, changed like 2 since then, and it's been used till 2008, less often after that

  • Anonymous

Stupid phone! No really! Very short bat. life. VERY buggy. It stoped working after one of those bugs..., it just froze up.. Sad, cuz I kinda liked the animations and the loud speaker there( Worked less then a year for me..