Siemens CC75

Siemens CC75

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  • wiji

squal, 24 Nov 2005It has been canceled and that is a good thinghow we can get a new siemens

  • febri95

drewfus, 21 Nov 2005sorry folks but it IS NOT A SIEMENS PHONE they even admitted th... moreIs that so...?
Are you sure 'bout that? i thinK it just new
firmware, so... i dont know. hahaha.. sorry.

  • Alex

My mistake, it really was a Siemens phone, not a BenQ model.

  • squal

It has been canceled and that is a good thing

  • drewfus

sorry folks but it IS NOT A SIEMENS PHONE they
even admitted they use other platforms,and when was the last time you saw a siemens with a conventional signal bar thingy and silly battery icon,anyway search the web and low and behold a s/erricsson J220 just the same in different clothes..RUBBISH

  • RDS

another pure siemens fone cancelled by the stupid BENQ ,, what a shame

  • Rob

Wasn't a good phone in my books anyway :P

  • ZXcorr

this phone is cancelled by benq.

  • Alex

This isn't made by Siemens, it's a Benq production, I'm sure of that. The menu is same as the one of Benq-made mobiles.Nokia copyed..This phone's a CRAP for a Siemens fan, but good for the ladies ;-) .

  • Golden Hand

This mobile is so so so so THIN !!

but it is really cool

  • prem

people who are commenting about missing of mp3,camera,bluetooth blah!blah!should buy a model with those features, why comment on this cute cc75 model.this has been produced for the people who don't want un-necessary features where they hardly make use all of them.this one is a simple stright forward mobile and just serves the purpose. now may i know where in the world i can find one?

  • Soham Raj

Mind Blowing Awesome Look

What a SleeK?


Everything so nice. finishing is luxury but the price maybe high. Expecting at 90usd

  • DeVil

I've seen thinner phones with camera,mp3 etc...the thing is that smart companies have to produce phones without that kind of technology because they need cheap phones too.Not anywone can afford a camera phone even in theese days...

  • Joy

If you need a smartphone (camera, memory card etc.) - buy the SMARTphone! If youneed a PHONE - buy him... Thats all IMHO.

  • Totof

Perfect for my girlfriend DomDom :)

  • jurx

No mp3, no radio, no camera... cool...
Missed only one thing - xHTML browser.

  • anonymous

Unfortunately Bluetooth is not included :(
It's really just a phone, nothing more.

  • Brad Owen

Apparently its the thinnest phone on the market, only problem is the lenth. With this phone you can recieve pics which is good enough for me. OK maybe the length is ok, But how durable will it be? I tend to drop phones a lot, and i know some people sit on their phones when they get in and out of their cars, etc.

  • Founder

If there is bluetooth, this phone would be perfect! Simple bussiness phone at last.