Siemens CF75

Siemens CF75

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  • Anonymous

restore the ph settings then everything will get back to normal

  • Igor

It is a great CellPhone...Here in Brazil it really is worth the price... Im having a few problems in setting a few things though... For example..Some how i screwed the on and off animations from the themes and it just doesnt seem to work anymore... I tried everything but no animation...Just a blank screen and the intialization sound..Any tips out there?

  • Kothin

U can save msgs to sim memory through MPM. It has option for u there. Directly the fone didnt save msgs in sim, it can only save in fone memory.

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me how to save msgs to sim????plzz plzzz i wanna save msgs to sim not ph

  • Anonymous

great phone have to buy it all reviews 100% positive get more than you pay

  • anna

the greatest ph wont regret!!!:):):):)great camera result on pc

  • Golden Hand

Extremly elegant

  • luiz

put on the id of caller on screen u need to change "screen protect" in configurations. change to "picture"

  • luiz (BR)

yes.. this mobile has photo id...

u need to configure it.

read the manual


  • boka1911

please if anyone knows how to put on the id of caller on screen contact me,i have bougt it and it is very good but i changed configuration and i only see who is calling when i open the mobile,thanks in advance

  • THC

Repeating last question, but being more specific: does it have photo caller id in outer screen (like Samsung E315, for example)?
This phone is very recent, not much people have it, so we will have to wait for a long usage review to check if it is a good one. Look at CF62 reviews: at first people love the phone... but then came the problems...

  • THC

Does it have photo caller id?

  • Robert Simam

Its the best phone to me because am using a cf62 here in Kenya n would love to have a cf75.At how much can i get one.Big up to siemens and lots of congrats.I love siemen phones.

  • Jay Z

Very good looking phone, and batter life seems fine too. Mentioning samsung, that reports a good battery life but it sucks realy. E730, 260h -> 2-3days and then its empty. LOL

  • miika

Bought this one on thursday. Really cool and not as expensive as Nokia's 6101 or 6170. Better specs than in 6170 and no protruding antenna like in 6101. I for one don't like the dark blue color as much as black or white but it's OK. Ordered a li-ion-polymer battery (900mAh) immediately since the basic li-ion 600mAh doesn't sound very good..

  • the_God

Well, this really is a nice looking phone! I might buy it one day. And it costs only about 170 euros here in Finland. And 170 euros is almost the same in us dollars. Yeah, really nice one it is.

  • Cutwiz

It costs about 170euros here in Finland...

  • ac

nice looking phone however spec isnt very good but if your lookin for a phone tht has good looks and spec try the samsung d500 only problem is the good spec reflects the price


the phone is very good but the mobile does not have mp3 in it and the features are very good in it and it doesent have rotateable camera in it if any one is using this modle plz mail me immeadatly because i wanted to know more about the handset plz do this to me plzzzzz

  • Fuchs

The question is, will it be as slow as the cf62? would be a reason not to buy it.
What is the problem with siemens, why don't they put some hi-tech into their phones, for god's sake, why do i have to wait at least two generations to get a good looking siemens phone with bluetooth or somethin', sony can do this, why not siemens? this is why i'm thinking to buy sony and tell you what, i am a siemens employee.